Why does David Cameron need an illegal war with Syria? To distract us from a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

David Cameron brought Andy Coulson into Downing Street AFTER he had openly admitted to paying police officers, and after it had been pointed out to him that this is a criminal offense. Within the next few days there was supposed to be a criminal prosecution of this individual (his close personal friend), as there is that he lied on oath at Tommy Sheridan’s trial for perjury. The Prime Minister stands accused, in the court of public opinion, if not de jure – at least not yet – of having protected someone for years whose lies helped send a man to jail, someone who was at the heart of David Cameron’s administration when this perjury is supposed to have occurred. For reasons that our so-called free press are not allowed to tell the voters, this trial has been inexplicably delayed. And now we find David Cameron trying to outdo the world’s greatest corrupt war criminal, Tony Blair, asking the British people to punish a dictator by launching a war, a war everyone with an ounce of brains knows to be illegal under international law, a war that everyone knows will suck Britain into yet another ground war, with a dynamic of its own, with no exit strategy, with regime change becoming part of the agenda if only because Assad will inevitably fight those helping Al Qaeda take control of significant parts of Syria. This is all inevitable. David Cameron knows it is inevitable.

Is Assad a dictator? Of course he is. We all know that. Assad is a dictator just like all those blood-thirsty dictators David Cameron loves to sell weapons to, in Saudi Arabia,  for example. Assad is a dictator just like all those dictators he supports overthrowing democratically elected governments in Egypt, for example, while his good friend and co-conspirator President Obama continues to hand a billion dollars in military aid this year, as he and his US predecessors have for… What is it? Three decades now? Hard to keep up.

Tony Blair’s allies in America told us Saddam Hussein had to be overthrown because he was helping Al Qaeda. The reality is of course that it was George Dubya Bush’s ill-considered military adventure that introduced such ultra-reactionary terrorists into Iraq in the first place, then into Libya. And now it is support by the allies of David Cameron, Tony Blair and Obama in Saudi Arabia who have helped Al Qaeda transform the so-called ‘liberated’ parts of Syria into a different kind of dictatorship, no more free of oppression than what we had before the Syrian Civil War, a new dictatorship that is, inevitably, exacerbating a refugee crisis, one that David Cameron will respond to by shoveling the refugees into camps for decades to die alongside their children.

David Cameron’s war will be based on accounts by the very same paid liars of British and US intelligence who gave us the Iraq atrocity. We will be asked to trust in the good faith of the paid liars who torture whistle-blowers with the backbone to stand up to the CIA, MI5, NSA, FBI, MI6, GCHQ. If there is no actual proof – yet – that Michael Hastings was murdered by one of these ‘intelligence’ agencies, neither does anyone believe the word of anyone who works for these paid liars that their hands are clean.

In such a wretched anti-democratic atmosphere, is it any wonder that conspiracy theories fester? What else do we have to go on when we know what happens to Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Michael Hastings and (possibly) Julian Assange too? We also know that our so-called free press are gagged? And those who don’t need to be threatened with spending the rest of their lives in jail for exposing the criminality of these people, nor bribed to look the other way… Why exactly do these ‘journalists’ put up with this? Do they share the same reactionary values as Tony Blair, David Cameron, Andy Coulson?

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