There is a spectre haunting Alastair Campbell: the spectre of Marxism

I heard Ralph Miliband debate with Duncan Hallas once at Marxism. I warmed to him. He made me laugh. There are several ways to respond to what the Daily Mail have done. Unfortunately, some socialists are not getting this right.

Alastair Campbell’s performance on Newsnight was wretched. Almost every point he made was irrelevant, at best. Ralph Miliband is hardly off-limits because he is Ed’s dad. Ralph is an individual in his own right. Ed doesn’t want voters to read his books any more than the Daily Mail does.

Alastair Campbell was the spin doctor for the corrupt war criminal Tony Blair. Blair, never forget, used Britain’s out-of-control ‘intelligence’ services to drag us into an illegal war. That is the Britain that Ralph would have hated. So do I. That is a Britain whose war David voted for, by the way. And Ed no doubt would have had he been in parliament at the time.

Ralph did not believe in his son’s ‘One Nation’ bullshit, and socialists do him no favours by pretending he did. Marxists believe the capitalist state is an expression of the irreconcilability of class antagonisms. Ralph Miliband knew that to win for the workers, by hand and by brain, the full fruits of their labour, society needs public ownership in the means of production, distribution and exchange. This is not Ed Miliband’s Britain any more than it is Alastair Campbell’s. But it is the Britain of every socialist. This is a Britain that Alastair Campbell hates. Unfortunately, for Alastair, his mentor Blair and all the wretched apologists of profiteering parasites, this part of Britain is starting to wake up. And we will make our voices heard, no matter how hard Chris Patten’s BBC and Rupert Murdoch’s SKY tries to keep us off the airwaves.

Workers of the world unite, comrades. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

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