Open Letter to Douglas Alexander [@DAlexanderMP] about #RenfrewshireCouncil’s letter of eviction:

Dear Douglas Alexander,

I am not sure how my telephone call with your secretary this afternoon got cut off. I had a lot more to say. Since I am not sure if your secretary deliberately hung up on me, I am going to challenge many of the lies in Maureen Beacom’s letter to me threatening to evict me which I did not get the opportunity to challenge on the phone this afternoon.

Maureen Beacom’s letter to me is a travesty. A pack of lies from beginning to end. The ‘Repairs Maintenance Officer’ who accompanied her told me that this visit had been arranged by me. This is a lie and he knows it. My advocate was there when he explained to this Repairs Maintenance Officer that – due to gross abuse that does not simply verge on the criminal but which constitute serious criminality, I will never ever, under any circumstances, agree to speak to any full-time or contract worker paid by Renfrewshire Council – other than in the presence of an advocate trusted by, and appointed by, myself. Only such an individual is able to defend my rights as a disabled individual with a very specific set of impairments (an extreme form of attention deficit disorder), a victim of abuse by Renfrewshire Council going back to January 1999. In other words, I need an advocate who can offer me legal advice, and can, simultaneously, act as a witness who will stop Renfrewshire Council hoping to get away with their abuse and lies, relying on my having no witness to explain what really went on as opposed to their continual pack of lies.

I listed for the benefit of this ‘Repairs Maintenance Officer’ a handful of instances of crimes committed by Renfrewshire Council staff. They were simply the tip of the iceberg as there was so little time to explain anything. Nevertheless, this individual turned up yet again with Maureen Beacom without my advocate as had been agreed. Why did he do this? What is going on? Maureen Beacom threatened to evict me because I refused to let her, yet again, turn up to abuse me without any witness who is on my side. I want the pair of them investigated as a matter of urgency, especially as I drew the attention of them both to my blog posts itemizing how this behavior was contributing to stress of an extreme nature that could end up with my having a heart condition and is also why I have been trying to get counseling for suicidal feelings since Renfrewshire Council moved me to this town and isolated me and turned me into a shut in, facts easily proven, as is Renfrewshire Council’s paying for liars to go to my GP to pretend I do not want counseling for suicial feelings because of the condition Renfrewshire Council have kept me in since dumping me in this town, and a different set of abuses going all the way back to January 1999.

I phoned my advocate after Maureen Beacom left and I am still waiting all these weeks later for him to get back to me. His boss phoned me weeks later to tell me that my advocate is off sick and won’t be back for one month. I have no idea why my advocate did not phone me about the incident with Maureen Beacom and her Repairs Maintenance Officer. I have no idea what his boss wanted to speak to me about. But when I explained that there is an irreparable communication barrier between me and him, and I would need an advocate to speak to him, he wanted to misrepresent what I told him as my not wanting any advocate at all, which is the best possible illustration of the communication gulf between the pair of us. He seemed very reluctant to allow me to explain why his summary of what I said to him was totally untrue, but the fact remains that I need an advocate and my advocate’s boss has known that since we first met almost a decade ago.

When I explained this conversation with your secretary today she seemed very reluctant to allow me to pick my own advocate, wanting to do that for me. When I tried to explain why this individual who was volunteering to step in as my advocate could not possibly do that job she changed the subject. I wanted to explain in a lot of detail why he cannot act as my advocate, but your secretary seems to have put the phone down before I could explain any of this.

I am reluctant to go into details about the shortcomings of any individuals when I do not know the cause of their failings, but if you and your secretary refuses to let me pick my own advocate, then I will have no alternative but to explain publicly why the advocate chosen by you is incapable of representing me.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Delargy

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One Response to Open Letter to Douglas Alexander [@DAlexanderMP] about #RenfrewshireCouncil’s letter of eviction:

  1. TomDelargy says:

    In response to an email sent to Douglas Alexander, with attachments of Maureen Beacom’s two page letter to me, I received the following automated response at 1:45pm today:
    Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander
    Member of Parliament for Paisley & Renfrewshire South

    Thank you for your email. This is an auto-courtesy response to acknowledge safe receipt into my account, and your message will be read and considered shortly.

    I receive a very large number of emails each day therefore it is not possible to reply to all, but I will respond, where required, as quickly as possible.

    If your email is regarding a personal or casework issue please note that Parliamentary rules dictate that I may take up cases on behalf of my own constituents only.

    If you think you are a constituent, please ensure you have included full address details, including postcode. I cannot progress your case further without this confirmation.

    If your email is a campaign lobby message or via an e-petition website be assured I will note your views. As a member of the Shadow Cabinet it is my practice not to sign EDMs, however I will raise relevant issues where appropriate and may return further to constituents in due course.

    If you are unsure who your MP is click here, or try

    If you are not a constituent but writing on a matter relating to my role as Shadow Foreign Secretary, please also include your address to assist in responding appropriately to your enquiry. Please note, my Shadow Cabinet role does not allow me to take up cases for individuals outwith my constituency – such matters must be referred to your own MP.

    I hope this information has been helpful and thank you once again for taking the time to contact me.

    Yours sincerely

    Douglas Alexander

    Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA.
    Paisley & Renfrewshire South Constituency Office: Mile End Mill Abbey Mill Business Centre, 12 Seedhill Road, Paisley, PA1 1JS. Tel: 0141 561 0333


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