Email to Douglas Alexander [@DAlexanderMP] in response to Renfrewshire Council’s threat to evict me:

Douglas Alexander MP

Douglas Alexander MP

Dear Douglas Alexander,
I had expected your secretary to respond to my request to immediately get in touch with me after I sent her Maureen Beacom’s letter threatening to have me evicted unless I get in touch with her within days without access to any advocate to protect me from these people I had complained to you about before. I took it for granted that she would reassure me by by telling me not to worry. That, alas, is not what happened.
Your secretary seemed unconcerned, and initially didn’t seem to want to do anything for me. I managed to get her to listen to my complaint about her apparent indifference, but we got cut off. I don’t know if she put the phone down because she didn’t want to listen to me any more. She certainly knew I had a great deal more to tell her.
I also had to explain to your secretary – several times – about why she needed to appreciate the precise nature of my attention deficit disorder. I had previously explained to her that indifference to how this affects me by others has made my life a misery.
Notwithstanding my explaining to her that she needs to stop talking to give me an opportunity to take notes, she refused to stop and I have no idea what she was saying to me. I do not appreciate this. I had explained to her a long time ago that I wanted you to force Renfrewshire Council to help me get counseling for suicidal feelings due to the way people abuse me because of my attention deficit disorder. But your secretary proved no better than those people I have been trying to get you to help me treat me with respect, people who have abused me all my life, for which I presented myself to my GP with suicidal feelings going all the way back to 1998.
I explained to your secretary that her refusal to pay attention to what I was telling her about how this extreme short term memory deficit requires me to take voluminous notes when people are telling me certain types of information proved how vital it was for me to meet you, my constituency MP, with my advocate present. This could ensure that you and/or your secretary did not ignore my specific needs, rather than a set of needs you may prefer I had. Your secretary did not seem to understand what I was telling her, and appears to have put the phone down on me.
Given that I did what your secretary asked me to do before she put the phone down (send her as attachments copies of the two page letter Maureen Beacom pushed through my letterbox), I took it for granted that she would immediately phone me back to tell me that you had intervened (or that you were about to intervene) on my behalf, that you had explained that Renfrewshire Council are not able to force me to meet with these people without my having my advocate, which you know to be absolutely essential to protect me from these people. However, not only did your secretary not do this on reading this threatening letter, over twelve hours since I sent her this letter I am still waiting for any response to accept that the matter is being dealt with, and is being treated by you as a matter of extreme urgency.
Given this threat by Renfrewshire Council to make me homeless, a very vulnerable constituent of yours who has long appealed for you to meet with me to explain what these people have been doing to me since January 1999; and given my demonstrable inability to contact my advocate (who I have been told is off sick), I have had no option but to see if I can get some other politician to defend me from Renfrewshire Council while I wait to see if you have been representing me against these criminals.
I am now trying to get a member of the Scottish Parliament to take up my case. That said, in no sense am I asking for you to withdraw whatever help you think you can offer me, assuming you are prepared to offer any help at all.
Given the fact that I am afraid your unconditional support for those I have been accusing of serious criminal activity (senior police officers and members of British Intelligence, including Jim Orr, who spent five years as Director of Special Branch), with your close friends and colleagues at the Home Office (Jack Straw, David Blunkett, John Reid and Jacqui Smith) having, potentially, played a key role in the misery I have asked you to help me with, I have decided not to get a Labour Party MSP to help me, but an SNP member instead. I have, therefore, emailed Stewart Maxwell and asked him to protect me from these criminals at Renfrewshire Council and their friends in Police Scotland.
Yours sincerely,
Tom Delargy
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