Question for Owen Jones [@OwenJones84] about unsubstantiated allegations

How many Blairite Home Secretaries have sanctioned perjury by undercover cops who have infiltrated the left, and descended to tax payer funded ‘state rape’ a la Bob Lambert, 90% of whose Special Branch team engaged in this sexual misconduct, effectively psychological torture? Does Owen Jones not think that, and a long list of other crimes against humanity (the Iraq War, for example), proves the Labour Party is a busted flush? And if not, why not?

An allegation is proof of nothing. Owen Jones knows that. What is he playing at? Has he taken leave of his senses? Does he no longer care about people being falsely accused? Owen no more knows who is telling the truth than I do. His pretending the matter has been settled helps no one.

Socialists need to be able to focus on our real enemy. Owen used to understand that. Now he wants to split the left with sectarianism. Not good enough, comrade.

Owen’s sectarianism towards the SWP is guaranteed to provoke a reaction, and in all probability an over-reaction from some members of the SWP. I hope they won’t overreact. This is not in the interests of the left. It is not in the interests of the exploited and oppressed. Those who are praying for the left to descend once more into an orgy of self destructive bickering are the Bob Lamberts of this world, the Rupert Murdochs, the Theresa Mays, the Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinsons, and the bosses of INEOS.  They’ll laugh all the way to the bank. Please don’t give them that satisfaction, comrades. Think with your heads and your hearts. Give comrades a chance to learn the truth. Patiently explain.

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