Douglas Alexander should resign for helping Renfrewshire Council threaten to break into my home

Renfrewshire Council are threatening to break into my home in less than two days. Douglas Alexander has refused to see me about the outrageous behavior of the housing and social work department and his office secretary puts the phone down on me. She refuses to listen to me and she refuses to let me bring along an advocate of my choice to speak to Douglas Alexander. I am calling for him to resign over what he has done and will elaborate on that until he is forced to resign, not just from the Shadow Cabinet but as a member of parliament.

I tried to get an MSP to take up my case. I was asked to see my councilor as this was deemed the most appropriate given their understanding of what I was telling them. I knew this was a mistake. This is not a matter for a councilor. Yesterday I was forced to speak to my councilor again and he did not remember what we had already discussed. I  don’t want to dwell on this. I then phoned my MSP again. Previously I had only gotten through to a member of his staff, who I do not believed could understand what I was trying to explain, which is why he put me through to my councilor. Yesterday I got straight through to my MSP. He listened with respect and said he had to cut our phone calls short due to having to appear in the chamber soon. I have no problem with that. He said he had to approach the woman behind threatening to break into my home on Friday. He has not been back in touch yet. At least he has not gotten through to me direct. I phoned him again within the last hour and could not get past the answering service. I am worried about what is going to happen on Friday. Since I cannot be sure that what I explain on the phone is getting through to who I am speaking to, I have little alternative but to make sure there is no room for doubt. So I will have to make things public. I will do that on my blog.

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