Emails to a Renfrewshire Council social worker whose name I’m protecting:

Hi ******,
I am continuing. Need to cut this thing up because I have a problem with my computer crashing before I send stuff. My computer might be on its last legs. ******, I hope I have convinced you why I need an advocate and we cannot hold meetings at my door which infringes my privacy vis-a-vis my neighbours. You tell me Ian is not available. I have to say I am suspicious of his disappearing. However, I have no reason to doubt that this is what you have been told. I have no reason to believe you would know why I need him specifically. I was not able to tell you at my door due to privacy issues, but I will do so now, and then we might be able to work out some way of solving this problem.
While I am confident you have been kept in the dark about a lot of things, I did tell you and your colleague many things that you subsequently forgot at both of our previous discussions. If I wanted to I could challenge the motives of why you would forget. However, I am in no rush to get into a he said/she said dispute with you unless I am forced to. So I am willing to work on the assumption that you did not understand the importance of what I thought was quite clear. I am now going to reinforce the points I made previously. And I will add a lot of additional points I was not willing to make other than in private with a an advocate present to guarantee that what I said was being taken down and taken seriously. And this is partly where Ian comes in. He may have gone awol, but he was my advocate at those previous meetings and I will be relying on him as my witness for what I told Renfrewshire Council staff previously. Ian is aware of that, and you should be too.
Renfrewshire Council promised me about 18 months ago that they would set up a meeting for counselling for suicidal feelings that I had been trying to get dealt with substantially due to the actions of Renfrewshire Council since moving me to Johnstone a decade ago. Ian was present at several meetings between myself and Renfrewshire Council relating to the fact that I had been trying to get this counseling set up for about a decade. Renfrewshire Council pretended about 18 months ago they had only just learnt about these suicidal feelings which was balderdash. They got me locked up and I told the staff at the hospital they locked me up in that I was going to sue Renfrewshire Council for what they had done and also Dr Bennie for helping Renfrewshire Council do this. I told Dykebar Hosptial that I would not discuss my suicidal feelings until I was released from hospital, but that I would undergo counseling for these feelings which I had tried to set up for the previous decade. That is 18 months ago. And Renfrewshire Council then paid someone from RAMH to go with me to my GP to tell her that he knew nothing about this counseling that I had been fighting for for the previous decade. I repeatedly told Ian that Renfrewshire Council had paid this guy from RAMH to sabotage my attempt to get counseling for suicidal feelings. Ian has show no interest in doing anything about this. I don’t understand why that is. But I am not going to let Renfrewshire Council get away with this. And I won’t let Ian get away with washing his hands of responsibility to act as my advocate. The fact he has fallen out of the picture does not affect that fact that he is my witness. So why have I been driven to utter despair requiring counseling for suicidal feeling due to what Renfrewshire Council have done to me? Where do I begin?
I am going to send this immediately, but will send more. And more. And more. By the way, if you want to know more about what I am talking about, you will find a vast amount already in the public arena on my blog and a great deal on my twitter account which has over 10,000 followers.

From: “*************************************>
To: “*****************************  *****************************
Sent: Thursday, 5 December 2013, 6:13
Subject: Re: Further information

Hi ******,,
I need to tell you a few things immediately. Firstly, I want to protect individual members of staff at Renfrewshire Council unless I know they are deliberately trying to make my situation worse. I think I am a good judge of character, and you don’t come across to me as a bad person. If you are a member of a trade union I would ask you to get them to protect you because my guess is your employers will try to get you to behave unethically towards me and you may not feel able to act as a whistle-blower. If, however, I have an advocate that I trust and/or (preferably and) a tape recording of my meetings with you, your employers won’t be able to force you into a position of stabbing me in the back or making you be a scapegoat. If I have a tape of what we say then I will feel safe. As it is there is a chance we are both going to be forced into a he said/she said dispute. I don’t want to call you a liar but I wont allow anyone to deny me my rights because your bosses tell you to ignore me or they will blame you for any trouble Renfrewshire Council gets in. And they know they are in very serious trouble. I am going to assume that you don’t know what I am talking about. That is why I am trying to protect us both. I need to protect me, but if I am not careful your bosses will try to make you a scapegoat. I have tried to protect many of your colleagues but they have taken advantage of my not having reliable witnesses, so they are now on their own.
I did tell you the first time we spoke a lot of stuff that clearly made no impression on either you or your colleague. When you read back your summary of what I told you, you got it badly wrong.. This is why I need a witness. I did tell you that Renfrewshire Council had previous sent people to speak to me after the Citizens Advice Bureau told Scottish Autism that they could not do this without my having an advocate present. The staff member abused me and forced a worker from Scottish Autismto debate my condition in the presence of witnesses without my permission. This was outrageous and insulting and the Renfrewshire Council worker refused to let me speak on my behalf and the support workers from Scottish Autism was not competent in presenting my symptoms. And even if she could she did not have my permission to do any of this in the presence of my neighbours, whom I have not chosen to know anything about my condition. And your turning up at my home without anyone chosen by me to be my advocate had a neighbour insulting be based on false information she picked up from listening to you. This is a terrible thing. And you cannot be allowed to do this again. I need protection from this happening again, and that means an advocate that I trust. You tell me that Ian is not available. Okay. Let’s discuss that. I am going to send this immediately and will send a lot more in a bit. I have a great deal more to say.
Tom Delargy

From: “******************************* ****************************>
To: “****************************** *******************>
Sent: Thursday, 5 December 2013, 5:57
Subject: Re: Further information

Hi ******,
Apologies for not contacting you earlier. I had to think what to do. There is a lot of information and I don’t know how to get it across to you. I don’t think I should have to place all of this into the public arena, but I also feel a need to do this. The reason is if it is in the public arena no one from Renfrewshire Council can pretend they knew nothing about this. This protects me given how often Renfrewshire Council staff take advantage of my having no witnesses. ******, I think the best way to do some of this is to send it in bits, to make sure some gets through before my computer crashes and I lose everything. I want you to know I will get in touch with more details but there is a lot to say and I am not sure how best to proceed. Sending this immediately and will send more in a bit, pretty much immediately, provided my computer does not crash again.
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