I need my MSP to protect me from Douglas Alexander and Renfrewshire Council:

Douglas Alexander MP is helping Renfrewshire Council break into my home

Douglas Alexander MP is helping Renfrewshire Council break into my home on Friday.

Here is an email I sent to West of Scotland MSP Stewart Maxwell’s office on the 6th of November. I’m leaving the typos as they are:

Hi Fraser,
As soon as our phone call ended I found Andy on twitter, found contacrt details on the internet, phoned and left a message to tell him to phone me before trying to make contact by visiting me first. I am now a recluse due to what Renfrewshire Council have done to me, aided and abetted by Douglas Alexander. As these people are aware I have been trying to get my GP to set up counseling partly due to my having discovered I now have extreme agoraphobia which I only discovered when Renfrewshire Council forced withdrew their support and threw me to the wolves. I have panic attacks when forced to go outside, which Renfrewshire Council impose on me by telling me they are happy for me to starve to death if I don’t ignore my agoraphobia! Douglas Alexander is happy with this behavior of Renfrewshire Council.

When you tell me about Andy Doig’s surgery times you need to be aware that due to my agoraphobia I won’t leave my home, so I can’t attend. At least I can’t unless I have support from someone to take me there, and that has to be my advocate, who is off sick at the moment.
Yours sincerely,
Tom Delargy
P.S. Here is a copy of the email I sent to Andy Doig:

Dear Andy Doig,

I contacted Stewart Maxwell via his Holyrood website before going to bed last night. This morning I spoke on the phone to someone called Fraser who said he had read what I emailed Stewart and was drafting an email response to me. He told me that he thinks this is a matter for my councilor and said you should represent me to those who are threatening to evict me. I tried to explain to Fraser that I do not believe you will be able to sort this issue. I know for a fact that those who are threatening to evict me will lie to you. And I have asked for Stewart Maxwell to be kept in the loop on this. The issues go beyond what is technically within Holyrood’s remit, nevermind Renfrewshire Council.

Maureen Beacom’s letter has given me no time to get my advocate to help me. I do not believe that anyone will be able to pull any strings until he can help, and he is off sick for a few more weeks, I am told. I am going to ask you not to come to visit me until we have spoken at length on the phone. I am sending you two attachments of the letter Maureen Beacom stuck through my door. This letter is full of lies and I need to explain in detail what is wrong with it. I also need to explain why grains of truth in this letter that make me look bad are the consequence of what Douglas Alexander has done to help those determined to evict me.

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