The politics of the witch hunters exposed

Andy Newman admits he is not left-wing.

Andy Newman admits he is not left-wing.

  • Andy Newman on 19 December, 2013 at 7:47 am said:
  • Ian Birchall: In some ways the Labour right in the 1960s (Crosland) was more radically egalitarian than the Labour left are today.

  • We could argue that Crosland was more radical that the Labour left of his own generation , who Crosland himself described as more socially conservative than a convocation of Bishops.
  • It is therefore worth questioning whether “left” and “right” are meaningful categories when discussing differencies between diverse political strategies

Ian Birchall has exposed himself as having no common ground with the politics of the party he has just resigned from. Hard to know where to begin with that.  I had intended to put a substantial expose of Ian’s ludicrous ideas on the back-burner. The reason for that is, on resigning from his party the other day, he said his age and health meant he was withdrawing from public debate. For whatever reason, he seems to have changed his mind. I was going to ignore him as a courtesy. I thought senility may have set in and I didn’t want to kick a man when he is down. However, to the extent Comrade Birchall does continue to justify his role in the witch hunt of socialists, working hand-in-glove with nasty right-wing sectarians like Andy Newman and Tony Collins, his motives and all arguments have to be examined in forensic detail.

Let’s consider who exactly Comrade Birchall is now debating with. He feels perfectly at home with Ed Miliband groupies at the Capitalist Disunity Narksquad, those who seriously argue that ‘left’ and ‘right’ are no longer meaningful categories when it comes to politics. Andy Newman’s politics are very right-wing, so it is hardly surprising he tries his level best to redefine the most fundamental concepts in the desperate hope naive socialists will be incapable of seeing through his nasty bullshit. Good luck with that.

Andy Newman doesn’t even care if he is to the right of Labour’s right-wingers of the 1960s. And these are the right-wing idiots that Ian Birchall is now cozying up to? You couldn’t make it up.

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