Cross-posted from my facebook account in response to a well wisher:

i have been avoiding facebook and also twitter for a long time. can i apologize to anyone who was unduly concerned about my health. i am in no hurry to get involved in an on-line discussion in cyberspace about the issues i refered to previously. i feel betrayed by many people and am not sure who i can trust. before asking for help from political friends in the swp, cwi or anyone involved in solidarity i had to get some help from others for reasons i find it hard to explain. i have been the victim of a lot of nasty trolls and i wanted to avoid a flame war with these people. can i ask anyone who wishes me well to follow what i am going to post on my blog and maybe twitter. but i really am reluctant to get involved in debates with any individual because this will disturb my focus. i am now relying on one politician: msp Stewart Maxwell. i am waiting for him to return from his christmas break. i spoke to him on the phone months ago and he promised to get back to me. he never did. i am also trying to find a way to protect trade unionists at renfrewshire council because they are going to be victimized by their bosses and by the media. this is very tricky for me. there is only so much i can say until i speak to stewart maxwell.


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