Owen Jones on the real rulers of Britain?

Owen Jones has asked his Facebook friends to help him decide on a title for his new book.

  • Evening! Right, I’m getting to the end of my new book, and still stuck on the title. Starting to resign myself to ‘The Establishment’, just worried it’s a bit dull. How about ‘Vultures’? Like, e.g. ‘Vultures: The Real Rulers of Britain’. Thoughts?!
  • My comment:
  • The name will depend on what is being summed up. As we haven’t read the book, we don’t know what is an appropriate title. The establishment is probably good if you are exposing all those who are unconsciously propagating the system, whose incompetent collusion with the vultures is being exposed as well as the vultures themselves. It would be wrong to suggest we are all victims of some conscious conspiracy. The real rulers of Britain would be the best title if that is what you are trying to expose. It would be impossible for Chris Patten and Rupert Murdoch’s hirelings to dismiss your critique as a crude one, which is what Vultures would imply, funnier though the latter is. The establishment is what I hope you are exposing. But if that is the case, the title is dull and this would get up the noses of BBC and SKY liars far less. If the establishment is being targeted, then presumably those who run the broadcast media have to be part of this establishment of vultures that is the real rulers of Britain. But those politicians whose lack of a backbone makes them jump to the tune of Chris Patten and Rupert Murdoch have to be exposed as part of this establishment, especially given their support for the Monarchy and the Intelligence services, and asset strippers at INEOS etc.



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