Mark Duggan verdict? Welcome to our police state?

Why won’t Mark Duggan’s family speak to Mark Rowley,  Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Police in private? Is Krishan Guru Murthy so stupid he has to ask such a question? They need witnesses, you idiot!  Even the Tory Party Chief Whip framed by corrupt cops knew that. Andrew Mitchell knew the cops would lie when they felt they could get away with it. So he did what was necessary: he secretly recorded the meeting, so everyone could see for themselves that these cops are indeed liars, liars who daily commit perjury to fit people up.

Mark Rowley thinks he can shoot black people dead. He thinks cops can do that as often as they like provided there are no civilian witnesses to offer testimony on oath. Did cops murder an unarmed black man in cold blood? Yes, they did. Even when there is such a witness, Mark Rowley is confident that juries can be blackmailed, bribed, or otherwise intimidated into ignroing the only civilian witness. Mark Rowley thinks it is lawful for cops to murder unarmed black men in cold blood, even cops caught committing perjury about Mark Duggan’s having been shot because he refused to put down a weapon he wasn’t holding, one the perjuring cops insisted he was holding, a fact that is demonstrably false.

It is not just Mark Duggan’s family who are now absolutely terrified of being locked in a room with cops when there are no witnesses. No black person will relax. Indeed, none of us should relax.

The Mark Duggan verdict proves that British cops are a law unto themselves. They literally get away with murder. And our broadcasters at the BBC, Sky News and Channel Four News are in the pockets of Tories like Chris Patten and Rupert Murdoch and whatever nasty gang of Thatcherites now own Channel Four. These broadcasters are paid very well to lie on behalf of our exploiters and oppressers. They blame every vulnerable person they can identify for all the wrongs of society rather than the scum who constitute the British establishment. They even blame the victims and their families and communities for being murdered by corrupt, perjuring cops.

Not satisfied lying about Mark Duggan, they smear his mother for demanding justice!  Krishnan Guru Murthy and Jeremy Paxman find the slogan “No Justice, no peace!” ‘chilling’? Why? It is a very simple slogan to understand if you are not a cretin. All it means is we are not going to tolerate a police state. Krishnan and Paxman know perfectly well what this slogan means. But they are not in the slightest bit interested in justice. These are the Thatcherite scum who are not moved by the scene where the army of Spartacus stand up, one by one, to proudly declare, “I’M SPARTACUS.” We are going to fight back, Krishnan. Deal with it.

The overpaid glove puppets of a decaying capitalist system and their special bodies of armed men lie to protect these killers. They are well paid to peddle this propaganda. These liars are a key link in the chain that contributes to massive alienation that so runs deep within British society.

The riots sparked by the murder of Mark Duggan, the lies of the IPCC that Mark Duggan was only killed by cops because he shot first, an orchestrated smear campaign aided and abetted by broadcasters at the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four, incapable of doing anything other than parroting the IPCC’s lies… All of this gave the victims of police corruption, racism and brutality no choise. That is how they reasoned. And the fuel of decades of alienation that has gathered from many injustices not related to the police at all blew up in everyone’s faces.

This alienation has been caused in substantial part by the British media. Their role in denying the British people our right to reply to their reactionary Tory agenda is key to explaining how these explosions of anger are dangerous for everyone. The BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News is controled by those who quite happily mangle our so-called democracy….

All of this exploded into riots that got out of everyone’s control, not that it had any to begin with. No one wanted what happened. Socialists don’t argue in favour such unfocussed mindless violence that can so easily descend into wanton criminality that has society’s victims targeting those even more vulnerable than themself.

Nevertheless, there is very real danger that something similar will happening again. And this will be caused, in substantial part, by British broadcasters who have learnt no lessons. These Tory propagandists have returned to lying on behalf of Britain’s disgusting establishment, the one that steals from the poor to give to the rich, those represented by David Cameron’s government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires.


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