Left Unity is being betrayed by Tom Walker

  • Stephen is being disingenuous. He says every single person he has spoken with does not want to stand candidates against the Greens. That is ridiculous. Anyone who thinks that would have joined the Greens. Setting up a socialist party is necessary because the Greens don’t just embrace socialists, but anti-socialists too. Standing candidates against these people is as essential as standing against 95% of Ed Miliband’s party. Stephen’s presentation of the question poses another question: why does he say (erroneously) that no one in Left Unity wants to stand against the Greens, but uses a very different formulation when it comes to TUSC? Why no insistence that no one wants to stand against them? It has been made very clear from the majority of Left Unity’s leadership that that is precisely what they want to do. If not, then why are only some of them in negotiations with TUSC? What authority do these anonymous people have? How can TUSC negotiate with them unless and until they know that these alleged negotiators are negotiating with the authority of the Left Unity leadership? Tom Walker, Pete Green and their co-thinkers have made their position clear: they are spoiling for a fight with Dave Nellist. That is because they have no interest in the original project of Left Unity. They want to reduce Left Unity to just a vanity project for their own egos. The exploited and oppressed are nothing more than pawns for them.

[comment left on Nick Wrack’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nick.wrack/activity/10151910586497263?comment_id=30450454&offset=0&total_comments=55]

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