Ken Loach has to fight Tom Walker’s sectarian nonsense:

Democratic Evolutionary Vanguard of Incompetent Leftists

Tom Walker

Stephen Anthony Miller asks for evidence that Left Unity intends to stand against other left parties. What would be the point forming a separate political party unless there is an intention to ignore what other parties do? If that is not the plan, then what the hell is?

When TUSC declares its intention to stand here and there, how on Earth does Stephen expect Left Unity to respond? By throwing in the towel, regardless of how close the local party has got to selecting a candidate for an immanent election? I don’t think so.

Stephen even says his attitude is that Left Unity should never stand candidates against the Greens. If he truly believed that, then what is the point his joining Left Unity, rather than the Greens? Stephen’s position is patent nonsense.

Stephen wants us to believe that every Left Unity member agrees with him on the Greens. Everyone knows he is wrong about that. And what would he recommend Left Unity does if it announces its candidate for a particular election before TUSC chooses theirs? Since TUSC will have been denied any say in the selection of Left Unity’s candidate, they have no reason to abide by this unilateral decision on the part of a separate organization. So will Stephen reluctantly demand the local Left Unity branch withdraws their candidate and supports TUSC’s instead? Of course not. And why should they?

The difference is that while there may be credible reasons for why TUSC and Left Unity find it impossible to fuse their financial, organizational and human resources at this stage, there is absolutely no justification whatsoever in refusing to negotiating an immediate non-aggression pact in the electoral arena. This is the very minimum of cooperation socialists can expect from an organization that calls itself ‘Left Unity’.

Ensuring that Ed Milband’s New Blairites and Nigel Farage’s xenophobic Thatcherites don’t benefit from alienation from David Cameron’s government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich demands that a socialist pole of attraction has to focus the resistance. We cannot afford to reinforce the media’s stereotype of us as the Peoples Front of Judea, fighting like ferrets in a sack. Ken Loach’s original appeal was supposed to be about ending this, not adding yet another unity initiative to the alphabet soup of such initiatives.

Left Unity and TUSC fighting each other into the ground is not something any socialists welcomes. If it is something that Tom Walker and Kate Hudson welcome, then that begs a series of questions as to their commitment to the exploited and oppressed against the bad guys.

This much is obvious to every socialist. It is as obvious to Ken Loach as it is to Dave Nellist. But it is beyond the understanding of Tom Walker and his acolytes who now have a stranglehold within Left Unity’s leadership? Seriously? If that is true, then Left Unity is no more than a vanity project for a handful of egotists. Ken Loach has to step in and put a stop to all this sectarian nonsense. There is not a moment to lose.

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