BBC Radio Scotland gives another platform to Chris Bambery?

Chris Bambery is a police spy, who accused Mike Gonzalez of committing perjury

Chris Bambery is a police spy, who accused Mike Gonzalez of committing perjury

I am tapping these keys a few moments after Chris Bambery was allowed yet more oxygen of publicity on BBC Radio Scotland‘s daily phone-in show: 8:50am to 10:30am. He was a regular while Kay Adams had that slot. Now her replacement four of it’s five days, Louise White, has given a platform to him again. This time pretending to be someone else. You can find him between twenty three and twenty eight minutes into this episode of the program on the BBC iPlayer – at least for the next six days:

Who is Chris Bambery? I first met Chris Bambery during the Falkland’s War. He had just been recruited as a full-time organizer from the orthodox Trotskyist International Marxist Group to do that same job for the Socialist Workers Party. He was, in other words, being paid to argue today the exact opposite of what he was paid to argue shortly before. This might explain why he was never popular with Glasgow members.

On joining the SWP, I was invited to a social in Glasgow after a big anti-war rally. I had planned to attend something else with Vanessa Redgrave: some one woman show, if I remember correctly. My new comrades wouldn’t take no for an answer. Attending socials would help cement me in the organization, and I lacked the confidence to tell them I hated informal gatherings, so I gave in. The Socialist Worker organizer in the Paisley branch (he was to be my flatmate a few months later) told me what he thought of the party’s new Glasgow district organizer: Chris Bampot. So when I was given his telephone number, in case I got lost on my way to this social, I wrote it on a piece of paper referring to him as, “Chris Bampot.” Later someone asked if he could see the paper to make sure I had the right number. I forgot how I’d spelt Bambery. He simply laughed. He said everyone called him Bampot. He was efficient, but extremely unpopular.

Chris Bampot never let his unpopularity get in the way of climbing the greasy pole. He managed to get elected to the Central Committee, eventually climbing to the top of the organization with similar authority to that of Stalin, abusing it in similar fashion: Bambery had members purged, using smears and innuendo, ensuring he had place men and women who denied victims any opportunity to appeal against their expulsion. Bambery appears to have worked with Glasgow University lecturer Mike Gonzalez to have me expelled in 1987, a subject I have written on at great length.

Mike Gonzalez is aware that Bambery had me expelled from the SWP using lies, and saw to it that other members of the Central Committee were kept out of the loop. I know for a fact that Chris Harman, Lindsey German and John Rees were all kept in the dark. I am also aware that Bambery and Gonzalez ensured that no rank and file member in Paisley and Glasgow knew anything about my expulsion. Either the late Julie Waterson was Bambery’s only fellow central committee member who was aware that he, as national secretary, had been secretly purging his critics in Glasgow and presumably elsewhere in Britain since the mid 1980s, or else Julie Waterson was set up by another Glasgow member, one I have not named so far as have no intention of doing so today.

What is the relationship between Chris Bambery and Mike Gonzalez? For one thing, something interesting happened the day after Tommy Sheridan was convicted of perjury, a conviction partly determined by sworn testimony of David Cameron’s then Director of Communications, a man  who has himself been accused of perjury less than 24 hours ago…

On BBC Radio Scotland the day after Tommy Sheridan was found guilty (I think it was the day after), Chris Bambery got all chummy with Rosie Kane, telling her the problem was that she refused to commit perjury the way, according to Bambery, Mike Gonzalez had. Bambery said this while still a member of the SWP central committee, dismissing Gonzalez and one other SWP member as a perjurer, presumably wanting both to serve time in jail alongside Tommy Sheridan. Something’s very odd here.

Now Chris Bambery is turning up yet again on BBC Radio Scotland’s Morning Call phone-in program, this time under the alias of ‘Ed’, living in Russia now? All Russian socialists and socialists all over the world need to be informed about this man. He is a police spy. As far as I can tell, he always has been.

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