Chris Bambery. AKA ‘Ed’ from Moscow?

Here is a clip of Chris Bambery for those who want to conduct their own investigation into my allegation that BBC Radio Scotland allowed him to perpetrate a hoax on the license fee payers by allowing him to pass himself of as someone who’s lived outside Scotland for years with his Russian wife, who he is trying to get into Scotland despite not qualifying under existing immigration laws.

Is Chris Bambery’s friends at BBC Radio Scotland trying to help him set up a fake identity in Russia? If so, is he living in Russia with a false passport? Did Home Secretary Theresa May sanction his having false documents to illegally enter a foreign country? And if she did, has this anything to do with MI5 trying to kidnap Edward Snowden before he leaks any more of the criminal activities of GCHQ and other Intelligence agencies, including those who paid undercover cops to commit perjury at the Sheridan trial?

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