Why will the BBC refuse to investigate a hoax call by Chris Bambery?

Chris Bambery is posing as 'Ed' in Russia. Edward Snowden should be warned.

Chris Bambery is posing as ‘Ed’ in Russia. Edward Snowden should be warned.

BBC Complaint Department’s Richard Carey’s response to my complaint about their helping Chris Bambery perpetrate a hoax on BBC Radio Scotland listeners is an insult to the license fee payers. Why is there no declaration of intent to conduct an investigation into a very serious complaint that Louise White, presumably unknowingly, helped Chris Bambery set up a fake identity in Russia?

Let’s us assume for the sake of argument that the BBC was not a party to Chris Bambery’s hoax prior to it taking place. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the Producer of Louise White’s Morning Call never recognized regular guest on that slot on Morning Scotland for several years now… Let’s assume that not only did no one at the program recognize Bambery’s voice prior to putting him on the airwaves, nor while he was allowed access to all your listeners… Having had this allegation made, what steps were made to ask Kay Adams and the producers of all the shows that she has broadcast alongside Bambery… Who was asked to verify, as best they could, if my allegation sounded plausible? Why was there no reference to this? Is it possible that everyone asked confirmed that that sounds like Bambery, and that there is not much doubt that I have him bang to rights? Is it possible that someone at the BBC asked the Home Office to confirm if what I am saying is correct? But Theresa May slapped some mega injunction on the BBC to stop Russia knowing that a member of British Intelligence is skulking around Moscow with a false passport and this may, possibly, have something with MI5, CIA, GCHQ, NSA trying to shut Edward Snowden up before he exposes more crimes by these gangsters?

Reference CAS-2542290-F26XPQ

Chris Bambery’s voice, for the purposes of comparison with BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Ed’ from Moscow: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/159446/UK_politicians_responsible_for_home_terror_threat_Chris_Bambery__PressTV/

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One Response to Why will the BBC refuse to investigate a hoax call by Chris Bambery?

  1. TomDelargy says:

    Reblogged this on WORKERS UNITED and commented:

    Reposting this despite the possibility that the voice that I recognized as police spy Chris Bambery may not have been him after all. It’s possible that I jumped to conclusions. It seems reckless for Bambery to call into a radio show where he is often a guess. Nevertheless, the way BBC Scotland dealt with my complaint makes me wonder. While I can’t prove it, I think this probably was Bambery, and if it was I have no doubt that others working at the station will recognize the voice after I pointed it out to them, if they were not willing parties to a hoax to help a police spy trying to gain illegal entry into Russia with false passports and other documents. If it wasn’t Bambery he could easily prove it. If I’m mistaken that obviously I’ll concede it. And, as I say, it’s hard to believe a senior police spy could act so recklessly.


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