Channel Four News friends in Ukraine exposed:

Britain’s broadcasters are wretched glove-puppets for the richest 1%, and their special bodies of armed men and women who are paid to take part in ‘state rape’, perjury, agent provocateur activity – all to frame those who would attempt to galvanize Britain’s oppressed and exploited to take back what belongs to humanity. Rupert Murdoch, Chris Patten and the anonymous rich parasites who own Channel Four, Channel Five and ITV try to stop British voters discovering that 85 individuals own more than 3.5 billion, that is half the population of the globe. Jeremy Paxman, Jo Coburn, Gavin Esler, Cathy Newman, Matt Frei et al prefer to smear trade unionists at the behest of asset stripping bastards who are blackmailing Scots for the ‘crime’ of daring to vote for independence. Channel Four News, Newsnight et al prefer to to foment hatred against Muslims, Gypsies, those fleeing from civil war hellholes, trying to drag the political center of gravity always to the right to benefit David Cameron, Nigel Farage and every apologist for corrupt war criminal, Tony Blair.

Time for the left in Britain to boycott this nest of vipers. Time for us to get our act together. The left is divided and that won’t end overnight. But we need to be willing to talk to each other. We need to shake hands at the end of a discussion, agree to differ and not let our enemies laugh all the way to the bank, as they line up victims of one entrapment operation after another. United we stand; divided we fall.

I disagree with George Galloway about many things, and won’t pretend otherwise. Argue with him. If he wants to line up with other supporters of Better Together, let him make his case. I’m confident his left-wing critics can persuade the majority of Scots why he’s wrong. Argue on as many other issues as you want. But when he’s right, work with him. And on the following video, he and his guests are right about pretty much everything.

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