Golden Rainbow and the Three Scots


Mummy, Daddy, buy it now.
Get magic beans for lazy cow.

Santa brings what Santa can.
You’re a boy, Art. I’m the man.

Hush your mouth, Dad. Don’t be mean.
All children must be heard. And seen.

You’re right of course. Sorry boy.
But magic beans are not a toy.

With magic beans there’s no more death.
No pointy tridents, dragon’s breath.

Yes, but can we balance books?
Darling’s catepillar looks.

Darling says it can’t be done.
Rupert’s bare arse soils The SUN.

But Compost, Cleggy, Tony Blair.
Let’s get those bastards out our hair.

You’re right of course. It’s beanstalk time.
Scots lived happily after rhyme.

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