Suggestion for Scotland’s National Collective


Janice Forsyth had a great discussion with Sara Sheridan and Philip Miller this week on BBC Radio Scotland: Tuesday (I think), repeated on Sunday. It’s not available as a podcast, but it was quite devastating. Here it is, available to all license fee payers for several more hours:

I’d suggest all similar programs are recorded, then made available on a Youtube channel or similar. If Alistair Darling says that is unfair, his supporters know they are encouraged by Janice to go on the show to make their case, if they have one. The BBC may pull copyrite. But they haven’t done this in the past. So they’d have to explain what their problem is. That could prove embarrassing.

Encourage all supporters who know of a broadcast beneficial to the cause of maximizing the vote for Scottish independence to record it, then ensure a copy is available for hosting on a website, so every good argument gets as much exposure as possible. Those who hold copy-rite are approached, if there is any potential threat of legal action.

Artists should encourage broadcasters to set up debates with audience participation asap. If the Better Together side boycott, then this tells voters everything they need to know about their self confidence, or lack of it. If their supporters accept the challenge, then the Yes Campaign gets early notice of any arguments they might want to deploy only at the last minute. The sooner we know what they have up their sleeves, the better. Right?

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