Ed Miliband’s One Party State:

Fuck the "Better Together" Thatcherite dictatorship

Fuck the “Better Together” Thatcherite dictatorship

Ed Miliband is about to tell the Scottish people that we can shove our democracy up our arse. This is a provocation too far. And not just for five million or so Scots. This is a challenge to every democrat all across Britain. And it is an opportunity for the genuine left in England and Wales, an opportunity to be seized with both hands.

This idiot son of the great Marxist academic Ralph Miliband has nothing but contempt for everything his father stood for. Not for Ed the seizing of the means of production, distribution and exchange. This basic anti-capitalist – in other words, basic socialist – demand is key to safeguarding for the workers (by hand and by brain) the full fruits of their labour.

Unlike his dad, Ed is an enthusiastic supporter of the surplus value vampires, those who accumulate profit by paying their employees wages whose value is much less than that of the goods and services created by their labour. Ed Miliband is, in other words, the anti-Spartacus.

Ed Miliband promotes to his front bench most wretched of the Blairites, close chums of Peter Mandelson, upper class twats parachuted in to safe labour seats – in defiance of the wishes of the local party. These so-called ‘experts’ in this, that and the other are scabs. Tristram Hunt. He’s one. In Miliband’s team, no one bats and eye at what Hunt has done. Are the values of the Labour leadership now the values of scabs? Alas, that is exactly what we are now dealing with.

What about Scotland? What is going on here? The Scottish voters will have a say on independence this September. Ed Miliband and his Scottish cronies fought with everything at their disposal, alongside the Tories, against allowing the devo-max option to be placed onto the ballot paper. Why was that?

Douglas Alexander, Labour’s general election key electoral strategist, says this is because no one has a scoobie what devo-max means. Complete and utter shite. Everyone knows what it means: it is the exact same type of sovereignty Alex Salmond demands, minus defense and foreign affairs, both of which would be left behind in a centralized British state, preferably one substantially modified, but that would be a matter for negotiation with representatives of the English, Welsh etc.. Such a state of affairs would be lopsided. That is a fact. However, we would be dealing merely a quantitative increase in the existing lopsided nature of a devolution settlement that goes by the name “The West Lothian Question”. This problem can be settled either by full independence or by federalism.

Having denied Scots the option preferred by fully two thirds of the voters, Labour’s leaders are now scared shitless. More and more of the two thirds whose first option was devo-max have been shifting inexorably towards full independence. The blame for that shift lies fairly and squarely on the shoulders of those who chose to reduce Scotland’s referendum to an-all-or-nothing question.

Seeing the way the wind was blowing, fearing that this trickle was destined to become a flood as the Better Together propagandists were reducing themselves more and more to a laughing stock, the opponents of independence took fright. Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo told This Week viewers about one month ago that in the absence of independence, devo-max was now pretty much inevitable. Andrew Neil chose not to present any alternative scenario. I found that interesting. Why on Earth would the British Establishment now embrace what they had fought so hard to stop two thirds of Scots voting for just a few months ago? Might it be that they thought they had to lie about conceding devo-max merely in order to have a prayer of tricking us into voting against independence? Almost certainly that is what many of them have been thinking.

However, that short-lived good cop option didn’t seem to be working as well as they hoped. Desperate about the potential for an exponential increase in support for independence, Ed Miliband has thrown his lot in with David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. What Scots are presented with now is the unholiest of unholy alliances. Scots see all these bastards line up against us. And we ain’t taking this very well, comrades.

England would appear to have degenerated into a one party state. That is how things look as far as Scottish self determination is concerned. Each of these bastards have signed up to crushing we rebellious Scots. They have declared war on us. I wonder how that’s going to work out.

These four English Tory Parties won’t take no for an answer when it comes to weapons of mass destruction. Labour’s Ed Miliband is lead by someone who was elected by trade unionists to stop a supporter of the corrupt war criminal who dragged Scotland et al into an illegal war, one in which hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis were slaughtered. And why did Tony Blair do this? He did it, allegedly, to destroy weapons of mass destruction, weapons that didn’t exist weapons he and his pals in British Intelligence knew didn’t exist. In the process of murdering all these civilians, Tony Blair created the space for Al Qaeda to crawl into Iraq – the exact opposite of what Tony Blair’s idiot chum George Dubya Bush told the American people he was fighting against.

And now these Blairite scum are telling Scots that even if we do vote to get rid of weapons of mass destruction, ones we never agreed to in the first place, the Blairites won’t allow us to get them off our soil for decades, if at all, allowing who knows how many psychopathic Tea Party lunatics to start WWIII from the Clyde. Fuck that.

What about the latest insult to Scotland? Scots can’t be stopped from using the pound, if that’s what we want. Ed Miliband knows that. So does Johann Lamont. So do all the Better Together propagandists at BBC Scotland, who take our license fee money, using it to peddle lies on behalf of the Tories.

Scots will pay not one penny of debt if a shared currency is denied us, with input on the policies of the Bank of England. George Osborne has already been forced to guarantee to pay 100% of Scotland’s share of the UK debt in order to calm the markets. He did that a few weeks ago. This was an astonishing fact that Britain’s Tory Establishment managed to bury, using the weather, sports, celebrity gossip  and crime as their pretext for burying the story of the day. All British broadcasters worked to deny viewers/voters this key fact. Why? Might it be because these broadcasters are propaganda tools for the richest one percent and their special bodies of armed men and women, granted the authority to deploy violence to defend the property of the haves from the have-nots, the one percent of rich parasites from the ninety nine percent who own next to nothing?

The BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News, ITV and Channel Five need to keep the voters ignorant. They need to stop us knowing what we need to know to make informed decisions.

And this is where Ed Miliband’s climbing into the Better Together coffin comes in. Labour MPs are an endangered species in Scotland. Independence gets rid of every last one of them, in one fell swoop. Devo-max would reduces them to pale shadows of their former glory, at least this side of a federal constitution. However, Labour MPs united front with David Cameron’s Tories, Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems and Nigel Farage’s UKIP has not merely destroyed every last one of Labour’s MPs; they have dragged all their MSP and councilor colleagues down with them. Labour have, in other words, signed their own death warrants. Good riddance.

But Ed Miliband has done more than destroy votes for all Labour politicians north of the border. Labour have exposed their anti-democratic credentials in England too. The Labour leadership has denied Scots our democratic right to determine levels of tax and spend despite this having zilch to do with any of these bastards?

A currency union only cedes sovereignty on the question of borrowing. If Scots determine to use our proportional representation system to flush Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP into the toilet of history, we can also flush the Scottish Blairites with them. And we will do precisely that.

Voting for radical wealth distribution via tax and spend powers in Scotland is something our English brothers and sisters warmly applaud. How does Ed Miliband and Johann Lamont think English workers will respond to the Labour leadership joining in a coalition with Nigel Farage’s flat tax Thatcherites, and David Cameron’s government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires? Labour’s core vote will be as disgusted as we Scots are. Labour’s vote will be up for grabs on both sides of the border.

Deluded Tory bastards like BBC Scotland editor Brian Taylor can insist that George Osborne has the ability to bind future UK governments; he can pretend that Ed Balls can bind future Labour conferences. But neither is true. It matters not if Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage can be persuaded to sing from the same Thatcherite hymnsheet. English democracy is not a stitch-up by a one party state of shadow-boxing glove-puppets, of union-busting asset-strippers.

Ed Miliband is incapable of giving core Labour voters candidates worth voting for? Fine. Here is one more opportunity for Dave Nellist and other TUSC candidates. This is yet another opportunity to extend an olive branch to the rest of the left-alternatives to Ed Miliband. Time for trade unions to get behind the banner of TUSC. And in the process for all of us to insist on an electoral pact with Ken Loach of Left Unity, and others too. Time for Labour Party socialists like Owen Jones to walk away from Ed Miliband’s Blairite nightmare. How about it, comrades?

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