It will be difficult if not impossible for Andrew Neil to hold on to his job:

Andrew Neil hates democracy

Andrew Neil hates democracy

Andrew Neil is out of control. His interview with Bob Crow reminds us of just how weak his position is, how easy it would be to reduce him to a trembling mess if only Ed Miliband’s front bench stood up to him.

Andrew Neil wants to stop employed workers going on strike to defend wages, jobs, conditions and public services. And he insists on counting abstentions as votes against striking? By such ‘logic’ probably 95% of MPs are criminals. Those who failed to win a majority of all those constituents entitled to a vote are squatters at Westminster; they are passing legislation without a shred of a mandate. Is that what Andrew Neil wants? To make all laws unenforceable given that those who made them lack democratic authority?

Andrew Neil seemed especially offended on yesterday’s Sunday Politics by Bob Crow’s suggestion that maybe Andrew’s income and wealth, his undeclared interests, his holidays, perks etc should be subject to public scrutiny. I don’t see what his problem is.

Andrew Neil also thinks he is entitled to having his extreme Thatcherite prejudices shoved down the license fee payers throats regardless of how much ninety percent of his viewers are offended by this. Any chance of Andrew Neil reminding the license fee payer exactly how big a majority of the votes he won? Zero percent? Never won a single vote in his entire life? Kind of hypocritical, aren’t you, Comrade Neil?

Andrew Neil’s contempt for his fellow Scots knows no bounds. It is quite sickening. In what universe is it democratic for the Three Stooges – George Gideon Osborn, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls – to stitch up the next United Kingdom general election by joining hands with Nigel Farage’s buttheads to deny English voters any option but to deny the Scottish people a shared currency no matter how much they disagree with Labour, Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP, the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News, Channel Five and ITV? Democracy? Give us a break.

Andrew Neil is an unreconstructed Eurosceptic, a position he defends with as much enthusiasm as he does his irrational contempt for scientists in the dispute over man-made climate change.

Andrew Neil’s default position on Europe would be to help UKIP win as many votes as possible. Alas, due to the UK’s shambles of an electoral system, Nigel Farage has transformed himself into a serious threat: he risks stopping either UKIP’s candidates or Tory candidates securing enough seats to give him what he wants: a right-wing Tory majority at Westminster. Ergo, Andrew Neil has started to panic.

Nigel Farage’s gang of Thatcherite idiots have exhausted most of their potential for Andrew Neil and his friends. UKIP had been promoted by Andrew and his friends at the BBC, and by Rupert Murdoch’s glove puppets at SKY News, by the anonymous suits who control Channel Four these days. Farge has succeeded over the last few years in dramatically shifting the center of gravity of official British politics to the right – on immigration, wealth redistribution, crime, human rights. But that’s all changed.

UKIP are now much more of a headache than a bargaining chip. UKIP, therefore, have to be either crushed by drawing attention to their more ‘eccentric’ xenophobes and homophobes. Either that or they need to be encouraged to negotiate some kind of non-aggression pact (at least at a local level) with David Cameron’s governing party of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires.

Given Andrew Neil’s unimpeachable Eurosceptic credentials, isn’t it odd how enthusiastically he was embracing Jose Manuel Barrosa to his bosom less than twenty four hours ago? This unaccountable bureaucrat is the most unlikely of heroes for the presenter of the Daily Politics, of Sunday Politics and of This Week. Why? Why this sudden enthusiasm for Barroso?

While Vladimir Putin didn’t sign up to David Cameron’s secret society of hit-men committed to crushing the Scottish people, one European Union bureaucrat has told the Scottish people that we will be denied our rights as EU citizens if a Spanish authoritarian or two decides to make us collateral damage in their authoritarianism towards the people of Catalonia. Pathetic. Utterly, utterly pathetic.

Unfortunately, for Andrew Neil and the rest of David Cameron’s Better Together dictatorship, hundreds of millions of European voters may have something to say about Jose Manuel Barroso’s contempt for the self determination of the Scottish people. That is especially the case given that his new-found friends (David Cameron and Andrew Neil) are determined to drag the Scottish people along with our English, Welsh and Northern Ireland brothers and sisters out of the European Union.

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