Follow Patrick Harvie’s lead on Scottish nationalism:

Patrick Harvie MSP

Patrick Harvie MSP

I liked the way Patrick Harvie responded to the question of nationalism on the BBC’s last debate with Ruth Davidson, Jenny Marra and Stewart Hosie. Those in the undecided camp who can swell the ranks of the Yes Campaign enough to push us over the finishing line won’t be won on the basis of nationalism. All the lies about the shared currency, UK debt, EU membership have to be exposed for the lies they are, backed up by all the main broadcasters: BBC, SKY, C4NEWS, ITV, C5. The question of the state of the UK’s economy has to be dealt with. This so-called recovery is a lie based on unsustainable debt. The key issue is the democratic potential of Scotland which is simply not available if we don’t break the chain with the United Kingdom.

In Scotland, the Tories, their Lib Dem fig leaf, and UKIP’s xenophobic ultra-Thatcherites are all out of the picture. Within the straightjacket of the United Kingdom, Ed Miliband has reduced himself to a Blairite monkey dancing to the tune of the organ grinder, that being Rupert Murdoch, Andrew Neil, etc, etc, etc.

The Labour Party’s entire front bench have persuaded themselves that black is white, that capitalism, red in tooth and claw is socialism. These people are now so feeble minded they are incapable recognizing that the English voters do not back the priorities of the Tory glove puppets at the BBC, Channel Four News, SKY News, etc, etc, etc..

English voters want what we Scots want. They want what we already have in Scotland. Alas, the first-past-the-post monstrosity of the Westminster Parliament, to say nothing of the unelected House of Lords, and combined with this the right-wing parties on offer to the English voters makes all-Britain progress impossible. Impossible at least at this stage.

But if Scotland can squeeze out in a few months time, our English brothers and sisters are not going keep their heads down, distressed at losing us. They will be happy that at least someone got out. They will work with us. They will take inspiration from us. They will follow us. The sooner the better.

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