Johann Lamont and Nicola Sturgeon’s shouting match insults the voters:


I’m glad Scot Night’s debate was on so late most undecideds will have gone to bed before it started, blissfully ignorant of what was about to happen. If only clips wouldn’t go viral with people all over the world laughing at Scottish politicians ideas on how to debate. But it will. Even children in the playgrounds will be laughing at us.

There is no point anyone in the Yes Campaign taking comfort from how badly Johann Lamont came off. We all expected that, including the entire Better Together Campaign. But Nicola failed to make use of this opportunity. She allowed herself to be dragged down to the level of Labour’s Scottish leader. She should have known better.

Of course this was not entirely her fault. It takes two to debate. Lamont never had the slightest intention of engaging in debate. The chair did not step in to stop this. And she should have. Both politicians should have been told there were rules and shouting over each other will be stamped on.

The yes campaign has to put aside differences on how this was a win for Nicola, in relative terms. We need to unite to ensure that there are rules in all such debates from here on in on how to conduct the kind of rational debate the undecideds need.

Uniting to demand such rules will put us on the high moral ground. Any such debate will expose Better Together as behind these farces which will only ever create more heat than light. White noise is probably the best description of what our eardrums had to endure.

This is the only way to expose each and every one of Better Together’s long list of myths and outrageous lies. That is precisely why Better Together will be more than satisfied with what happened last night. It is why they will be very happy if they can see the Yes Campaign not challenging this format which is one destined to turn off the undecideds.

Better Together can only win by stopping the undecideds hearing the answers to their questions. If the Yes Campaign allows the broadcasters to help Better Together stop the undecideds have the rational debate the entire Scottish electorate needs, then we are throwing away an historic opportunity. We remain too far behind in the polls to waste any more such opportunities.

Monty Python’s Annual Reenactment of Scotnight’s Infamous Bun Fight.

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