Jon Snow is an extra in the centenary remake of Michael Gove’s favorite war – WWIII: This time it’s personal!

Jon Snow of Channel Four Nato

Jon Snow of Channel Four Nato

Jon Snow is a tame poodle of NATO. He and 90% of Channel Four News broadcasters are no better than megaphones for everything that is rotten in Britain’s Tory Establishment. Laughing as captured P.O.W.s are tortured to death in a global snuff video, helping Egypt’s General Sisi reduce that great Arab nation to a totalitarian nightmare, turning a blind eye to the role of lovers of Adolf Hiter in Ukraine… What the fuck is going on at Channel Four News these days?

We need to look at the big picture. The settlement in Northern Ireland is crumbling to dust. Nationalists all around the world are being given a nudge. The exploited and the oppressed the world over are being dragged into cross-class alliances against their brothers and sisters who have essentially the same interests.

The fact remains that there is an inner logic to such upping of the ante. It ends up with the masses reduced to becoming cannon fodder. This is a matter of supreme indifference to most Channel Four News broadcasters. All they care about these days is stopping voters waking up and smelling our oppressors.

What is going on beneath the surface that Jon Snow, Krishnan Guru Murthy, Cathy Newman, Jackie Long, Matt Frei, Jonathon Miller, Faisal Islam are terrified their viewers, the Great British voter, may uncover is that most currencies today are fiat currencies.

Channel Four News editor knows NATO’s currencies are not worth the paper they are printed on: the Dollar, Sterling, the Euro… All of them are propped up by super-rich gamblers playing a game of chicken, with the small investor who doesn’t know their pensions and homes are on the line. The ninety nine percent are no more than pawns in the one percent’s pathetic fetish.

Sooner or later the markets in the major NATO countries will come crashing down around everyone’s ear. Our rulers know this. They are preparing for the fallout by identifying as many scapegoats as they possibly can.

Everywhere, all around the globe, national minorities, refugees from civil wars (wars NATO usually has played a key part in starting in the first place), ethnic minorities are convenient distractions.

These most oppressed victims of capitalism’s crisis are to be targeted by the alienated majority. The role of these poor people is to act as a lightning rod, to stop this legitimate rage of the people finding the right target: those who own the means of production, distribution and exchange. Reminds me a lot of the run up to WWI and WWII.

Role on WWIII?

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