BBC, Channel Four News, and SKY News want Britain to sleep walk into World War Three?

NATO's friends are anti-semites who look back fondly on Adolf Hitler

NATO’s friends are anti-semites who look back fondly on Adolf Hitler

Paul Mason is blogging about the possibility that the world may be moving towards an economic war over Ukraine:

Why soft peddle, Paul? The BBC is talking seriously about whether NATO is legally bound by treaties to militarily intervene to rebuff Russian forces, actions their Hitler loving puppets in Ukraine are now appealing for.

The overpaid glove puppets who prance to the tune of ex-Tory Party Chairman Chris Patten at the BBC and ultra-Thatcherite Rupert Murdoch at SKY News have never understood the insane ‘logic’ of Mutually Assured Destruction, or M.A.D., for short.

Humanity stands, not for the first time, on the brink of wiping itself out. This has been pushed to the top of the agenda thanks to the upping of the ante by NATO’s puppets, nudged along ever so gently behind the scenes by their pals in the main broadcasters in the USA and the United Kingdom. The mass media is, let’s be frank, in the pocket of the rich and powerful, the richest one percent. And they are doing whatever the NSA, GCHQ, MI6, CIA asks them to.

Playing chicken with weapons of mass destruction is never a good idea. Even Baldrick eventually understood that: How did WWI start?

Ukraine have appointed Igor Kolomoysky as a governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, Alexander Yaroslavsky as governor of Kharkov, Rinat Akhmetov as governor of Donetsk.

An alliance of cheerleaders for Nazi-stormtroopers in WWII with ultra-rich businessmen grabs power by means violence.Those in power in Ukraine have been championed by those who supported the rise of Egypt’s Nazi General Sisi. These broadcasters are not to be trusted one little bit.

Those helped into power in Ukraine have, surprise surprise, invoked treaties with NATO’s nations armed to the teeth with more than enough toys to destroy all life on earth.

The mainstream media in Britain and the USA are determined to deny voters access to any of the pertinent facts as to what has really been going on on the ground? If you want a modicum of balance, you need to boycott NATO’s propaganda machines.

Check out RT.COM. Watch it with your critical faculties engaged. They too, naturally, have an agenda of their own. No one is denying that.

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