Will Self’s socialist love bomb:


A nation that oppresses another will never itself be free. With that in mind, English socialists need to step back from David Cameron’s utterly cynical version of ‘love bombing’ Scotland. Scots are being brutalized. Have been for a very long time. And we want out of this loveless marriage.

Contrary to the lies of Labour MPs and MSPs, in no way does this mean Scots intend to turn our backs on our English brothers and sisters. Absolutely not. Scots hold out the hand of friendship to the overwhelming majority of the English people. They too are being ill-served by a corrupt, thoroughly anti-democratic system, wretched from top to bottom.

Scotland is not ‘better together’ with an unelected second chamber. Nor with an unelected head of state. While it’s true that the hereditary monarchy is not going to be swept away in the initial phase of freedom, all in good time.

United Kingdom’s itchy straightjacket offers the people a monstrous mangling of the electoral system that is called ‘first-past-the-post’. It is specifically designed to prevent the people getting what they want. Most people live in seats safe for one party or another. Only the so-called marginals offer voters any real prospect determining anything. Even that doesn’t work. Voters vote against the candidate they most want for fear of ending up with the one they least want. Sorry, comrades, but you English have to sort this out. It is a complete and utter shambles.

Scots have for many years grown accustomed to an electoral system that the mass media,  owned as it is by unaccountable multimillionaire, cannot fix to the same extent they can corrupt the Westminster Parliament. But it is not good enough. Not for us.

What Scotland has today remains inadequate because far too many key decisions fall beyond genuine democratic scrutiny. Scots cannot, this side of our independence referendum, radically shift our spending priorities. We have not, yet, the power to move to welfare from warfare.

As a civilized people, we Scots look forward to investing in men, women and children, to doing everything we can to keep them alive, to make them healthy, to help them grow intellectually and into emotionally mature self-activating citizens, educated from cradle to grave, with no one written off, ever.

Scots have had it with Thatcherite, Blairite and Nick Clegg shite priorities. We refuse to bow down before your God of wasting wealth on weapons of mass destruction. If we are lucky, such weapons of mass destruction will rust. At worst, if we are not so lucky, they will be deployed by some psychopath to murder millions, maybe tens or even hundreds of millions of men, women and children. And for what? For having the misfortune of living beyond our borders, of themselves being victims of someone who may or may not be a dictator, but whose real crime comes down to pissing off the NSA, GCHQ, CIA, MI5 and their poodles at 10 Downing Street.

And if these weapons don’t end up directly responsible for murdering millions, or maybe hundreds of millions of innocent people, they stand as an ever present lightning rod for paranoid politicians and generals who are every bit as deranged as are NATO’s kidnappers and torturers.

After we vote for independence, Scots will become free to draw up our own, very different set of priorities on tax and spend. We may not win plaudits of Better Together’s megaphones at the BBC: Andrew Neil or Andrew Marr et al, but I’m cool with that. Five millions Scots are absolutely okay with that.

Scots are going to opt for a radical redistribution of wealth and power from the haves to the have-nots.

Scotland will use our proportional representation to extend, not narrow, the range of universal benefits currently on offer. We will claw back any excessively generous free television licenses or bus passes to overpaid Tory cheerleaders like of Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr. That can be done quite simply by means of progressive taxation.

Rich, greedy bastards may not much care for that. That’s okay. Let them vote for a different set of priorities. Let’s see how Andrew Neil’s Thatcherite politics goes down in an independent Scotland. Let him campaign for union-busting, asset stripping gamblers. No one will stand in his way. No one except the voters, that is.

Scotland, notwithstanding the screams of abuse from the likes of Andrew Neil, will transform itself into a land of opportunity. And not just for native born Scots neither. Many of those in the north of England who want to contribute to society, as most people do, will find a home here. England will not become a haven for cheap labour. Unless and until it climbs out of the Thatcherite, union-busting something-for-nothing society for super-rich Tory idiots, the United Kingdom will become toxic to those are the backbone of society. They will want to become a valued part of our new Scotland, a Scotland that burns with hopes and dreams.

Scotland will start with a blank slate. Scots will think outside the box. We will let a thousand flowers bloom. With our vibrant cultural and artistic community encouraging our youth, our children, and those of us just a little bit older, finally given a chance to make a mark in the world, Scotland will help unleash everyone’s full potential. Scotland won’t just make use of those artists we already have, those writers, dramatists, poets and musicians we already have. We will appeal to others who want to help us with a Scottish renaissance.

Five million Scots will move on to the stage of history to make our mark, starting with an X on 18th of September. While the birth pangs may have been long and painful, better late than never.

Scotland will prove a very naughty but loving child. And our English and Welsh cousins, and those from Northern Ireland too, will enjoy watching us take our first baby steps. And I predict the best of them will not wait too long before they find inspiration in what we are doing. They too will start to tunnel their way out of the dungeon of the United Kingdom, thanks to our spark of radical inspiration…

You’re welcome.

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