Better Together offer Scots £25,000 each if only we vote for Scottish independence?

Better Together's Andrew Marr

Better Together’s Andrew Marr

It is impossible to rule out the possibility that Better Together is run by incompetent idiots. If they are, they will continue to stop a shared currency with an independent Scotland. Doing this would be counterproductive from their point of view. Most English voters wouldn’t be in the least bit happy to have this option taken off the table, provided that is they are brought up to speed with what this will mean for them.

Nevertheless, economic mutually assured destruction may be the kind of thing these idiots are into these days. That would have consequences for all of us. However, all it would mean to supporters of Scottish independence is that we will have to let the wider Scottish electorate weigh up the pros and cons of Plans B, C, D and E. Only in the event of negotiations after a Yes vote proving the English side is being lead by a set of irrational twats will Scots have to discuss alternatives to a shared currency.

There are four or five credible and coherent alternatives, and we all know what they are. Even if Alex Salmond is not discussing them openly, that doesn’t prove he is not doing so with John Swinney and others, away from prying eyes.

Why should Plans B, C, D and E have to be aired in any details this side of the referendum? Why not let Scottish voters democratically choose an option, rather than allow each item on the menu to be unpicked by out-of-control broadcasters in the pocket of Better Together?

Why on earth should the independence movement take our eyes off the prize, descending into pointless navel gazing in the midst of a heated referendum battle? Why play into the hands of our bitter enemies when they have proven over and over again that the last thing they are interested in is rational debate that makes use of facts, determined only to sow the seeds of division, employing divide and rule within our camp? Let’s not do that, comrades.

Scotland has natural resources. We have North Sea Oil. We can use that as collateral that is every bit as good as those massive gold reserves that Gordon Brown sold off on the cheap, reserves that have been scandalously depleted at the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve over years, decades even.

A cyber-currency like bitcoin that is backed up by Scotland’s natural assets, and a skilled workforce, can prove a very healthy currency on the world markets. What we need is not bitcoin as such. What we need is an equivalent that is backed up by material assets far more substantial than a set of encrypted prime numbers. Scotland needs a currency that is not the utopia of Max Keiser type libertarians, those who smear socialists for daring to redistribute wealth from the haves to the have-nots. No, that is the last thing the people of Scotland need.

If Scotland is absolved of what is (quite erroneously) said to be ‘our share’ of United Kingdom national debt, then that makes an independent currency an even more attractive proposition. A very much more attractive option. However, supporters of Scottish independence need strategic subtlety here.

Scotland will only win absolution of responsibility for the UK’s debt if we don’t walk away of our own accord. It is in the interests of Ed Balls, Danny Alexander, George Gideon Osborne, Alistair Darling, Johann Lamont, Gary Robertson, Brian Taylor, Andrew Marr, Andrew Neil etc, etc, etc to argue that supporters of Scottish independence voluntarily proclaimed our intention to walk away from Sterling.

Were we to do that we would be walking into a trap. We could then be accused of running away from our responsibilities. Scotland’s credit rating would suffer as a consequence, unless we accepted full responsibility for our so-called share of the UK’s debt. Only by being summarily kicked out against our will do five million Scots lose not just the assets of the Bank of England, but also all debts associated with these public assets. This is all about strategy and tactics.

Do our English brothers and sisters think Better Together’s leadership is acting in the interests of the English voters by offering every Scot a £25,000 bribe each if only we vote for independence? My guess is they will be pretty livid at the incompetence of Danny Alexander, George Gideon Osborne, Ed Balls etc. But that’s not our problem. Right?

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