Andrew Murray on the Ukraine and attacks on the Stop the War Coalition


Both The Economist and Richard Seymour have attacked Stop the War’s  Lindsey German

Every major issue in world affairs today is accompanied by attacks on the Stop the War Coalition, which is clearly a tribute to its record and effectiveness over the last twelve years and more. The criticisms are directed to one end – getting StWC to at last, “this time” endorse the foreign policy of the British government and the mass media, or to at least declare support for the values on which it is based, or maybe just meet the British elite half-way. Invariably, the Coalition has had to disappoint its critics, because its analysis of the world today goes deeper than that and in particular because of its insistence that the main task of the anti-war movement is to precisely oppose and expose the machinations of our own government .

Generally, StWCs critics come under two…

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