How many Labour Home Secretaries sanctioned state rape?



Did you hear the one about Metropolitan Police officers who are trying to stop an investigation into systematic state rape by ninety percent of Bob Lambert’s Special Branch unit paid for by OUR taxes? No, that is not a joke.

Undercover cops were paid to trick women into having sex with them, paid for out of general taxation. This went on for many years, and whistle blowers have been smeared and intimidated,as have courageous investigative journalists who were bullied by the Metropolitan Police and their poodles at the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Women were tricked by these undercover cops into falling in love with them. They were tricked into having children with them. But their handlers knew that all all along these bastards already had wives and children who they would one day return to.

Women victims of these heartless bastards who were paid to be heartless bastards by OUR taxes often, understandably, went on to suffer very significant mental distress. What they felt was, often still is, comparable to grief at the loss of a loved one, as the man they had been tricked into believing was their soul mate vanished into thin air.

These criminals were then just reassigned. They got to spy on some other unlucky bastard, ruin other socialists lives all over again. The cycle of abuse went on as the voters were kept in the dark about a scandal that one former Home Secretary (Jack Straw) described as the most shocking statement he had heard in the House of Commons in his thirty five years as an MP.

Those who ask for these criminals to be protected from paying for their disgusting crimes under the official secrets act are criminals every bit as degraded as the state rapists themselves.

The apologists for these state rapists are campaigning on behalf of  psychological torture, of state-sanctioned prostitution for undercover cops, and of driving women to the edge and beyond of nervous breakdowns.

These Metropolitan Police scumbags are protecting these criminals from being prosecuted for state rape all in order to allow them to continue to frame left-wing activists by means of agent provocateur activity, backed up by a series of acts of perjury.

Name and shame every single one of these criminals. Prosecute them all. Every senior police officer and every former Home Secretary who is found to have sanctioned the paying of these criminals to give them plausible deniability, setting up a series of miscarriages of justice…

If Jack Straw, John Reid, David Blunkett, Charles Clarke, Alan Johnson or Jacqui Smith is found guilty in a court of law, after a fair trial of their peers, then they should go to jail for a VERY long time.

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