Who are the BBC’s Biggest BetterTogether Bullshit Bastards?

Better Together's Andrew Marr

Better Together’s Andrew Marr

Andrew Neil hates democracy

Andrew Neil hates democracy

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Scotland will be going to the polls on 18th of September this year. The BBC have decided to make it easier, not for us – the voters -, but for themselves. This BRITISH broadcasting corporation make things easier for themselves by peddling Better  Together Bullshit, doing so from here to eternity.

The BBC’s Top Ten Battle Grounds was a one hour party political broadcast on behalf of an anti-democratic cartel of Ed Miliband’s Blairites, David Cameron’s Tories, Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats and Nigel Farage’s UKIP.

Chris Patten’s BBC rebroadcasts this disgusting propaganda that is an insult to five million Scots because he thinks he can get away with this. Well, I have news for him: he can’t.

Five million Scots are going to be drowned in an avalanche of Better Together bullshit unless and until supporters of Scottish independence hold these bastards to account. So, how do we do that?

Chris Patten has been forced to answer questions at a Westminster Select Committee on more than one occasion in recent months. Why not summon this former Conservative Party Chairman to answer the questions of Scotland’s democratically elected MSP at a Holyrood Select Committee? If he invests the Scottish people’s license fee in neverending Better Together drivel, then let’s subject him to the kind of questions he pays his staff not to ask.

One final point: you may have noticed I have only given nine of the BBC’s Biggest BetterTogether Bastards. I was spoilt for choice. But I invite readers of this blog to vote for the tenth. Leave a comment if you like and the winner will be announced one week from today. All those who correctly guess who Scots deem the missing tenth biggest BetterTogether bastard will be entered into a raffle. One lucky winner will get the right to place a whoopee cushion on Chris Patten’s chair as he appears to make an arse of himself at Holyrood. Good luck, everyone.

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