Katie Hopkins is a Thatcherite piece of shit:

Katie Hopkins Thatcherite idiot

Katie Hopkins Thatcherite idiot

Katie Hopkins mocks all of us who are today in mourning for the tragic loss of comrade Bob Crow. Katie Hopkins abuses her high profile in this way because everything is about her. Bob Crow’s death, like everything else, is just one more opportunity for her to say something tasteless to boost her media profile. That in turn, she believes, will increase the amount of money she can squeeze out of reality television shows and day time celebrity bullshit.

Provoking outrage from socialists is fine by her. She will play the victim as some people on twitter will no doubt allow themselves to be provoked, then descend into a bit of misogyny. They shouldn’t go there. But not everyone responds rationally to trolls like Katie Hopkins.

Hopkins draws attention to Bob Crow’s unapologetic lack of compassion for Margaret Thatcher when that empty shell finally shuffled off this mortal coil. But there is a difference. And it is not a small one. Margaret Thatcher fully earned the eternal contempt the people held her in.

The Iron Lady was helped into power for a decade despite never having won a majority of the vote. That is something Bob Crow has done, btw. But the disgusting Tory broadcasters want to stop RMT members and every other trade unionists from going on strike on account of them being too important to strike, or at least unable to strike if they can get away with reinterpreting abstentions as votes against the strike.

Margaret Thatcher stole public assets. She sold them off to her ultra-rich friends (some of them organized pedophiles) on the cheap. Margaret Thatcher took away our union rights. She wasted a fortune in North Sea Oil in her ruthless class war with the Miners in their heroic battle for the right to work, natural reserves that were also wasted brutalizing the rest of the organized working class movement, draining our National Health Service, and other public services, or pensions. All for what? To soften up every single public service she could lay her greasy palms on, then privatize them, removing them from democratic accountability, robbing the millions to feed the ultra-rich parasites who own the mass media: Rupert Murdoch and his ilk.

Thatcher only formed these extremely unpopular governments thanks to those who chose to split the anti-Tory vote. They did this fully conscious of what they were doing. They were willing tools that exploited the United Kingdom’s wretched First-Past-The-Post monstrosity and a mass media owned by the rich and powerful. This Gang of Four and their right-wing poodles are now helping David Cameron. I’m talking about Shirley Williams. I’m also referring to that bastard David Owen, the disgusting creep who has started to fund Ed Miliband’s party as he prepares to climb into bed with the Liberal Democrats.

Margaret Thatcher earnt her right to have the people dance on her grave. Bob Crow has earnt our respect. No one is surprised Katie Hopkins is incapable of telling the difference. Her heartlessness is only exceeded by her stupidity.

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