You cannot kill an idea. Today we are all Bob Crow:


Were you gutted when you heard of Bob Crow’s death? Are you still finding it hard to take in? Are you even suspicious of how such an heroic champion of the people can have gone so suddenly, so unexpectedly, when he seemed so full of life, when the evil bastards who run the British Establishment dripped such venom on him? Are you keen to make sure the autopsy is done properly, just in case those who boast about how they deploy agents of the state into the trade union movement don’t just commit perjury, state rape, help the CIA kidnap and torture dissidents, who disappear into Guantanamo, driven insane in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives? I know I am. The coroner screws up this autopsy and we will fear the worst. He’d better have a good lawyer if he doesn’t ask the right questions, double check absolutely everything, such as search for hard-to-trace poisons that simulate natural death.

Let’s suspend judgement on the autopsy until the results are in.

Regardless of why Bob Crow is no longer with us, in spirit he lives on. Try as they might, the British Establishment cannot kill an idea. His arguments have been caught on camera, on tape. They are on the internet. His ideas live on, inspiring the next and all subsequent generations of socialists.

Bob Crow had a wonderful life. He didn’t get a degree, nor get to live in a home that he owned, by definition meaning he was not a success. By the definitions of narrow-minded Tory bastards, that is.

Bob Crow never earned the right to make legislation in the British Establishment’s House of Unelected Legislators, a fossilized remnant from the age of feudalism, one that lacks even the pretense of democratic legitimacy.

However, unlike Andrew Pierce, Andrew Neil and the rest of the Tories who the voters just cannot get rid of no matter how hard we would like that, Bob Crow was a success by the standards of the ninety nine percent.

Tories who lampooned him for living alongside the masses look reality in an Alice Through The Looking Glass mirror. Bob Crow was was a man of the people. He was not some overpaid puppet on a string, dancing the dance for the amusement of media tycoons. Bob Crow could have deployed the multimedia megaphone to lie to the voters, doing so for utterly selfish reasons, mangling democracy on behalf of the Rupert Murdoch’s of this world, and the rest of this class of multimillionaires, helping Tom Newton Dunn and co with corrupt policemen, helping other Murdoch employees and former employees we are not at liberty to discuss due to the sub judice rule. But Bob Crow had principles.

Andrew Pierce is a shallow, nasty, Tory bigot. He is also a very unintelligent individual. He has just enough brains to know how idiotic it would be for him to subject himself to the scrutiny of the voters.

In stark contrast to Tory idiots like Andrew Pierce, Bob Crow had the confidence to put his proposals for withdrawing labour to the members. He won arguments. And he won votes. And that is why he was loathed and feared by Jeremy Paxman, Jo Coburn, Andrew Pierce and Boris Johnson. That is why is was loathed, and even in death casts a shadow of fear and anxiety over ninety percent and more of broadcasters on all five of the UK’s news channels.

Boris Johnson never won a majority of those entitled to vote for him as London Mayor. But he refuses to count abstentions as votes for the status quo, as votes against him. All the anti-trade union bastards hated Bob Crow because he stood on the side of the exploited and all the oppressed. And that is why he was loathed by Britain’s ruling class and their poodles at the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News, ITV, Channel Five.

Bob Crow has left a legacy for all socialists in Britain today, for tomorrow and for socialists far beyond British territory. Contrary to the lies of corrupt war criminals like Tony Blair (who is, incidentally valued by Ed Miliband than are real working class heroes), Bob Crow saw nothing wrong with the RMT members, or any other trade union, donating money to support individual Labour Party members who dedicate themselves to fighting for the working man and women, who dedicate themselves to fighting for all the oppressed. This attitude is to be applauded.

Bob Crow may not be able to keep his promise to give workers an opportunity to vote for him in the European election and in other elections to reenfranchise everyone who believes there remains power in a union, to all those who stand by solidarity with the have-nots in our never-ending war against the greedy corrupt British Establishment. But his ideas live on.

Want to honor the memory of Comrade Bob Crow? Then ask yourself, “What would Bob Crow do?” Is it not time to join a union, if you have not already done so? Is it not time to organize to defend the rights of the masses against the greed of multimillionaire parasites? Has the time not come to vote for genuine socialist candidates who will fight for our class in parliament and in the mass media every opportunity they get, and to do so everywhere else, and with the enthusiasm of Bob Crow?

If there is an afterlife, Bob Crow is up there now, shedding a tear of joy and pride, like Kirk Douglas in the most famous scene in the socialist masterpiece that is Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus. You know the one I mean? When Spartacus sees all those he inspired stand up and be counted and in unison declare, “I’M SPARTACUS!”


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