There’s a specter haunting Andrew Neil: the specter of Bob Crow and Tony Benn

Tony Benn and Bob Crow RIP

Tony Benn and Bob Crow RIP

Bob Crow’s death was marked by five anti-socialists bastards on last night’s Question Time. Six if you include David Dimbleby.

Tony Benn was an old and frail man who lived a good life. Natural causes beyond a doubt. Even so, I don’t think seeing Question Time’s editor giving the oxygen of publicity to a panel comprised of 100% disgusting right-wing idiots to smear a great working class hero and friend of Tony Benn will have helped much.

A broken heart? Maybe seeing just how degraded the BBC has become despite half a century and more of resisting this megaphone of the rich and powerful, of supporters of NATO war criminals, of those like Stella Rimmington who deployed police spies at the heart of the National Union of Miners to destroy their Great Strike of 1984-5 saddened Tony Benn. This certainly had me screaming at David Dimbleby’s obscene caricature of debate last night.

Why should the BBC be allowed to peddle apologists for those who dedicate themselves to protecting police spies who commit crimes and get away with it, including threatening to have Tony Benn assassinated if ever he became British Prime Minister:

Why are British voters denied panelists with a modicum of  class consciousness, who don’t agree that it is a wonderful idea to stop agents of British Intelligence being prosecuted for committing serious crimes. Why should state sponsored perjury be allowed? Why should our taxes pay for perjurers to send socialists to jail, and to subsidize them indulging their degraded sexual appetites in state rape, getting victims of their illegal spying pregnant after conning them into having sex with them… Stomach churning stuff.

Socialists have funerals to attend. I hope the families of Tony Benn and Bob Crow will allow their supporters to attend to show two fingers to Chris Patten and Rupert Murdoch. Let’s demonstrate to these apologists for everything that is wrong with society just how out of touch their disgusting Thatcherite broadcasters really are.

Attending the funerals of Tony Benn and Bob Crow will be those who share their commitment to resisting injustice of every type – economic injustice just as much as the more obvious injustice liberals are not completely blind to: racism, homophobia, xenopobia.

Is there really no chance that after Ken Loach, Dave Nellist, Mark Serwotka, Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn et al have shaken hands, embraced one another, consoled each other after burying their friends, we can’t do something else?

Can these men and women of the people not commit themselves to do something to unite the left in the electoral arena? Something more than they have in the past, under the United Kingdom’s outrageously anti-democratic first-past-the-post electoral system? As a mark of respect for Tony Benn, Bob Crow and every other working class hero? To remind everyone that their legacies live on, that they have not died in vain? Let’s not let everything go back to ‘normal’ after the funerals, please.

Is it beyond the wits of all the politicians and trade union leaders who genuinely want to celebrate the contributions of Bob Crow and Tony Benn to unite, to take on our real enemies: the capitalists, the NATO war mongers and and the arms manufacturers who profit from mega-death, the corrupt bastards at the Metropolitan Police, Special Branch, MI5, GCHQ? Just for a change?

Can socialists not unite for the key battle ground of the European Election, lending support to organizations of workers that can take advantage of proportional representation to actually win seats for class warriors for the working people and their families?

Please do not abandon all the oppressed, the convenient scapegoats who are given such a hard time from lying Thatcherite idiots at SKY News, at BBC, at Channel Four News, to divert the alienation created by a political establishment in the pocket of the rich and powerful. Time for a united socialist response at the ballot box?

Can Matt Wrack and others please persuade all trade unionists to tell Ed Miliband what to do with his plans to implement Tory cuts to bail out a degraded economic system? To the extent Ed Miliband insists on dancing to the tune of profiteering parasites and asset strippers like those at INEOS, then the working class bids goodbye to his party once and for all?

As Bob Crow explained on RT.COM‘s Going Underground within the last months, money can still go, and with great enthusiasm, to those rare exceptions to the rule, to Labour MPs who genuinely deserve it, to their constituency Labour parties: Jeremy Corbyn, John Macdonnell and a handful of others like them.

But the time has surely come for millions of trade unionists to start with a clean sheet as they did when they turned their backs the Liberals over a century ago. We need a clean sheet because Tony Blair’s yuppie entryists used the old one to wipe their arses.

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