News, politics and current affairs on the BBC telly is mostly a stinking Tory turd

Better Together's Andrew Marr, breaking the rules, as per usual

Better Together’s Andrew Marr, breaking the rules, as per usual

Chris Patten’s BBC is unadulterated Tory garbage. Maybe I should rephrase that. I am after all a fan of a lot of the service and the last thing I would want to do is insult all those who do such an excellent job.

I have no complaint with the BBC’s coverage of science and culture. BBC4 is a joy, as is almost everything on Radio4. I have to confess that for many years I have been migrating away from BBC1 and BBC2, which now have little for me except politics shows that I watch primarily out of a sense of unpleasant duty. Not a great deal for me on BBC3 either, other than repeats of Doctor Who, which I already have on dvd box sets.

Need to be a bit more specific about what I dislike. I am talking about news, politics and current affairs. And I confine myself principally to the television. A lot of the radio stuff isn’t that bad. Having said that, one of the best political shows on the radio is apparently under threat. If the rumour mill is working, then the program is almost certainly targeted because the bastards who have polluted the coverage of the Scottish referendum on radio and television, north and south of the border, have just woken up to the fact that there remains this single exception to the rule that the BBC is intended to be nothing more than propaganda for Better Together Campaign.

Today we saw the BBC’s ex-Tory Party chairman let a Tory editor balance a Tory presenter at the Daily Politics with today’s Tory Party Chairman with another senior Tory MP. It is quite typical for one of Andrew Neil’s programs to have only supporters of David Cameron’s Tory government. If they are challenged at all it is for not being sufficiently right-wing. And to hammer home the point they shovel Nigel Farage’s deluded flat tax xenophobes down our throats.

These wretched editors and their overpaid Tory glove-puppets indulged their sick prejudices in a twenty four hours orgy of pouring excrement on the legacy of Tony Benn while his body was still warm. If they expected no one to notice, or not to protest, they must have been disappointed. We are outraged at this depravity.

These nasty ghouls ensured that on virtually every one of these programs on the television not a single supporter of Tony Benn was there to defend him. If we were very, very lucky, then we might be granted a half hearted ex-supporter, like Diane Abbott, someone who was not prepared to join hands with Kinnockite Labour MPs like Clare Short and ex-members of the degraded Shirley Williams SDP, like Polly Toynbee, to stab the corpse of Tony Benn.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The BBC is being run into the ground by a gang of extremely nasty right-wing bastards. And the license fee payer have had more than enough. Time to thrust a democratic enema up the arse of Chris Patten’s toy. Time to purge it from top to bottom.

The National Union of Journalists and other trade unions need to get off their knees. They need to stand up for the majority of the British people, not for the super rich friends of Andrew Neil who is outraged by the idea of redistributive taxation despite the five richest families owning as much as the poorest twenty percent.

It is time for decent broadcasters at the BBC to ignore Andrew Neil, to ignore anyone who is so deluded they want to describe Alan Johnson as The Man on the Left, rather than a horrible cheerleader for a corrupt war criminal.

Anyone who wants to cut taxes for the rich while removing universal benefits that help the poorest most of all is an enemy of genuine democracy. What we need is radical redistribution via progressive income and property tax. Broadcasters unable or unwilling to get their heads around this most elementary fact know where the door is. And if they don’t the organisations of the working class need to reacquaint them with majority rule.

Time for the viewers to do more than merely write complaints to the BBC that are simply tossed in the bin, or if responded to at all fail to address the substance of the complaint. The time has come for the voters to take matter into our own hands. Time to picket these nasty, out-of-control Tory bastards.

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