James Cook defends his BetterTogether Bullshit Corporation

Why is James Cook refusing to answer the question?

Why is James Cook refusing to answer the question?

By no means is James Cook the worst offender at the BBC when it comes to bias. By the standards of most of his colleagues, his infringements of basic fairness are relatively rare, and usually relatively mild. While he isn’t to be blamed exclusively – or even primarily – for why last night’s BBC Scotland one hour debate didn’t set the heather on fire, one question did expose him as very much part of the problem vis-a-vis BBC bias on Scotland’s independence referendum.

James Cook is refusing to answer the questions on Twitter about his chairmanship, proving how hypocritical he is when it comes to openness and debate.

James Cook would have us believe he saw nothing wrong with Andrew Marr’s behavior towards Alex Salmond on his outrageously right-wing Marr Show this Sunday? What’s wrong with him? Why did James Cook not simply throw his hands up and accept that Andrew Marr got caught red handed? And that he ought to be disciplined for what he did?

Why didn’t James Cook make common cause with all rational viewers to admit it was pathetic of Andrew Marr to imply Alex Salmond was not competent to interpret Jose Manuel Barroso’s answers because only he, the idiot who got to pose the questions, has any right to do that?

Andrew Marr did not simply insult Scotland’s First Minister; he insulted every single Scot who is capable of forming our own opinion of Jose Manuel Barroso’s idiotic answers to Andrew Marr’s idiotic questions.

Indeed, Andrew Marr is so arrogant he insulted every license fee payer who isn’t Andrew Marr. Why exactly does this overpaid, outrageously right-wing arrogant buffoon think he has a privileged access into the mind of one unaccountable eurocrat? Was he drunk?

Andrew Marr out and out lied when he told Alex Salmond he is not biased. He said, based on no credible evidence, that five million Scots won’t be able to maintain our membership of the EU even if negotiations with the UK are amicable and if Scots accept all EU treaties signed in our name while we are subjects of the United Kingdom. And then he told Alex Salmond he was cutting him off before doing him the courtesy of letting him challenge this idiotic claim. That exposed the idiocy of Andrew Marr’s position. Then, when challenged, Andrew Marr had the audacity to insult everyone who didn’t have a personal question and answer session with Barroso. Andrew Marr is simply an out-of-control Better Together propagandist. Why wont James Cook accept the facts?

Has James Cook been leaned on by BBC Scotland bosses? Has he been threatened with being sacked unless he agrees to lie on behalf of Andrew Marr and the rest of these Better Together propagandists? That’s certainly how it looks to me.

Perhaps James Cook should be dragged kicking and screaming to a Holyrood Select Committee, so Scotland’s democratically elected MSPs can hold this unaccountable broadcaster to account, to have his alleged neutrality carefully scrutinized.

What specifically did James Cook do wrong last night? By the standards of others at the BBC, he wasn’t too bad. Having said that, the only one who escaped the programme with a shred of dignity was John Swinney, with Michael Fry’s right-wing libertarianism worse than useless if supporters of Scottish independence want to win independence. He will push Labour’s core vote back into the arms of Alistair Darling. An atrocious choice of a representative for us.

John Swinney was hectored disgracefully by James Cook. James Cook rejects criticism that his behavior was like a referee who deliberately provoked a footballer to challenge him to give him an excuse to show the red card. His behavior crossed yet another line. Since James Cook refuses to answer our questions tweeted to him, simply insisting he has no agenda, expecting us to take him at his word, then let him face a Holyrood Select Committee.  Let’s see if they can get him to answer the license fee payers questions.

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