George Osborne is set on destroying pensions. BBC is happy.

George Osborne intends to destroy our pensions

George Osborne intends to destroy our pensions

I don’t think they’re uncertain. 100% guaranteed to destroy pensions. Tories know their economic ‘recovery’ is based on unsustainable debt, with a market economy that can’t make what people want. Productivity cannot be restored to global competitive rates. Sooner or later people will stop lending money to those who can’t pay back. New markets need to be found. That will be by employees dipping in to their pensions just to pay the bills. The social wage built up collectively to defend the masses will dwindle to nothing. Workers will be forced to work till they drop. They will die poor and in a great deal of pain. They will be used as cheap labour to hold the wages of younger workers down. They will be forced to cross picket lines simply to get the pittance needed to eat. Tory broadcasters don’t care. All they see is new markets to be exploited. If we die as a consequence that’s not their problem. They’ll be dead or living in some tax haven by the time the shit hits the fan.

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