British democracy is capitalist ‘democracy’.


James Connolly is right about capitalism and its governments. But there is more to it than that. Democratic debate in the private capitalist media in Britain camouflages this very serious problem, exacerbating it.

Controlled as it is by Rupert Murdoch (in competition with a handful of wanna-be Rupert Murdochs), SKY News and his print industry is a megaphone for NATO war criminals, for state rape perjurers and agent provocateurs of the Bob Lambert variety, for cop-bribers, for union-busting asset strippers, for absolutely everything that is wrong with the capitalist system.

What about the public media? What about the BBC?

The BBC is not just a state-run media. It is a capitalist state run media. It is presided over by ex-Tory Party Chairman Chris Patten. And it is an insult to the voters. Indeed, although Tony Benn failed to recognize this to his dying day, the BBC’s news, politics and current affairs output has degraded itself to such an extent it is now even worse than SKY News. At any rate, this is true of the television part of the BBC. Most of the time. On average. Of course there are the occasional, and admittedly very wonderful exceptions to this rule. However, these exceptions are mere fig-leafs disguising the naked truth.

Britain’s broadcasting networks, whether privately or ostensibly publicly run, do not contribute to the debate within society as to how it can move us all in a progressive direction, towards civilization. Our broadcasters at this point in time exist to systematically gag all real critics of the exploitative nature of capitalism, and the reactionary role played by their special bodies of armed men and women.

The special bodies of armed men and women, the core of the capitalist state for Karl Marx, includes their undercover cops, those paid to frame socialists, ruining lives.

BBC broadcasters scream and shout about those of us who refuse to buy into their so-called democratic debate. These broadcasters denounce those of us whose tweets get excessively ReTweeted for exposing the reactionary biases of these broadcasters. We are simply trolls’ in the eyes of these ultra-right wing Tories. You expect to dance on the graves of Bob Crow and Tony Benn, and get away with it? Not gonna happen.

The BBC’s Tories scream and interrupt. They foam at the mouth as we laugh at their idiotic choice of Blairite and Thatcherite guests to ‘debate’ the issues of the day. Anyone who dares to ask for the right to examine the context within which these issues of the day find their true meaning is hounded and abused for not answering the question. You think we cannot see through your biases? Seriously? Just how low an opinion do you have of your viewers?

What Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr deliver to the license fee payer is shadow boxing. Fifty shades of anti-socialist idiots. What is shoveled into our living rooms day-in, day-out are cheerleaders for capitalist exploitation, for the system that delivers five rich bastards owning more than the poorest 20% of society while the flat-tax advocates at the BBC insist redistributive taxation will only make matters worse. Worse for whom? For these overpaid Tory broadcasters.

We are expected to be grateful for our right to laugh at glove puppets shadow boxing? We are not grateful. You are happily stoking up a very dangerous pressure cooker society. These Tories are digging the graves of their system by their never-ending assaults on the political, social and economic rights of the people. Their latest assault on pensions could prove the last straw, not that Blairites can be expected to put up any resistance to this. Of course not.

The Blairites will take their lead from the Tory broadcasters, from those who argue, seriously, that the destruction of the pension safety net is a wonderful idea. As Blairite MPs are just as insulated from the nastiness of Tory Britain that the poorest 90% of us are forced to inhabit, they will examine the latest assault on our pensions from the perspective of what is best for them and others with similar interests to them, precisely the people the BBC and the rest of the media care about. This makes me angry. And it will make most voters angry too.

Is this what Chris Patten thinks the voters want? The overwhelming majority of employees having no alternative but to progressively dip into their old age pension nest egg simply to make ends meet today? To pay the bills? Possibly to relieve stress by an unaffordable vacation without having to think about tomorrow? Or splurge on some luxury good they can’t afford, possibly because they expect Thatcherites and Blairites will no doubt drag all of humanity into WWIII before too long (over the Crimea if Andrew Neil gets his way), making their absence of a pension a moot point? Or maybe employees whose living standards are being destroyed as inequality hits the stratosphere will simply blow their pension on drugs to escape the nasty reality that is Tory Britain in the twenty first century? Just how deluded are Chris Patten’s broadcasters?

There is virtually no real debate over democratic alternatives at the BBC. All we are presented with is a carefully choreographed insult to the voters – voters, that is, who don’t own their own businesses.  The latter, those who do own their own business, on the other hand, could not be more molly-coddled. The main focus of the employers and their anti-democratic organizations, like the CBI and IOD, is on how to maximize the rate of exploitation of employees. As for the overwhelming majority of society, of the voters, of the license fee payers, of those of us who don’t own the means of production, distribution and exchange? Who will speak for us?

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  1. Where did Andrew Neil say he wants a war with Russia?


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