#Indyreasons? Why do I support Scottish independence?

Here is why Iain Banks supported independence

Here is why Iain Banks supported independence

Trending on Twitter this morning is an #indyreasons hashtag. This allows Scots to explain why they will be voting for Scottish independence on 18th September this year. There is also, hardly unexpectedly, an attempt by Johann Lamont’s army of straw men and women to hijack our hashtag. They do so for their own cynical reasons. They are hypocrites. They are trolls and they are hypocrites.

The enthusiasm with which Johann Lamont’s cyber-prats hijack our positive reasons for Scottish independence, rather than setting up one of their own to make the positive case for the Scottish people remaining part of the United Kingdom speaks volumes.

Johann Lamont’s impression of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” at every First Minister’s Questions, her latest interview with Gordon Brewer on Newsnight Scotland and her (if anything even worse) interview on Sunday Politics with Gary Robertson and, most notoriously, her interminable shouting match with Nicola Sturgeon on Scotnight … all of these are perfect examples of the nightmare the Scottish people are desperate to wake up from.

Johann Lamont is every bit as incapable as is Ed Miliband of answering questions. She has nothing left in her intellectual arsenal but descending into endless abuse – personal abuse of Alex Salmond in particular.

Possibly as a consequence of the widespread criticism of the BBC, of its months long unrelenting bias in support of Better Together, they do seem to have started to turn over a new leaf. If so, I welcome that. We have certainly seen a couple of interviews in the last week where their broadcasters have started to put to Johann Lamont questions that supporters of Scottish independence would. And Labour’s Scottish leader has responded with evasion and smears. That is not helping her win over the undecideds.

Scottish Labour is clearly in mortal danger of losing most of its core vote on referendum day. And deservedly so. If that prediction is borne out, then they will have ceded the Scottish people to our freedom, as they are the last and only hope for the Better Together reactionaries.

Why is Better Together digging its own grave? Let’s examine the sources of support for the two campaigns, starting with Scotland’s artists. Why does Johann Lamont think Scotland’s internationally respected cultural community is, almost to a man and woman, on board the Yes Campaign? Is this a coincidence? Not, it most certainly is not.

Better Together are defending United Kingdom barbarism. They are defending weapons of mass destruction. Johann Lamont wants nuclear weapons to be deployed on Scottish soil for generations, a target for paranoid dictators, and a plaything for those war criminals who have hounded Edward Snowden. The newly elected Rector of Glasgow University is being hounded by the NATO stooges at the heart of Better Together for the ‘crime’ of exposing the dark heart of American Intelligence agencies, and for  their naked foreign policy gangsterism. Thanks, but no thanks. Shove your nuclear weapons up your arse, Ed Miliband.

Scotland’s cultural community promotes independence for a variety of reasons. I don’t necessarily agree with all these reasons. I’ll let you into a little secret. I reject many of these reasons. But these differences of opinion pale into insignificance when we look at the big picture. What has changed my mind? Why have I become a late convert to independence? There are many reasons.

Unlike some who have championed Scottish independence for yonks, my support has nothing to do with alleged culture differences with our English brothers and sisters. I want for the exploited and oppressed of England what I want for us Scots. And most of them want it too. Unfortunately, what I want for the English is not on the table at this point in time. We have to start from where we are. And the referendum is a stepping stone on the path to a fairer world for everyone.

Proportional representation strikes at the heart of my support for Scottish independence. Our democratic electoral system has helped Scotland get the referendum we always knew we needed, demanded even by those who didn’t want independence.

Scottish voters, should we vote for independence, will be able to settle what we want to do about tax and spend, about the pros and cons of investing in welfare for people, rather than warfare that threaten mass murder of people.

Do Scots take as a given, as an unalterable fact of life what to Johann Lamont and Ed Miliband is a matter of compete indifference: a society where a mere five ultra-rich Tory families own more than the poorest twenty percent of society? I don’t think so. The overwhelming majority of Scottish voters won’t neither. We simply need to take into our hands the democratic power to address this barbarism.

How can any Scot take any Labour front bencher seriously when they claim they didn’t even know just how unequal British society actually is? Have they been asleep at the wheel all through the years of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who presided over this mess, as Peter Mandelson expressed his indifference to ever greater social inequality?

How can we believe a word that comes out of the mouth of any of these bastards say when they defend cuts in welfare to help pay for more illegal wars, investing in weapons of mass destruction that would indiscriminately, and directly, murder millions of innocent men, women and children too, that would additionally contribute the potential destruction of all life on our planet?

How can we believe one word that comes out of Ed Miliband’s mouth when he tolerates the inequality that exists today, smearing as ultra-left all socialists who would (as his father Ralph Miliband would) challenge the root causes of all our misery?

Why back Better Together’s surrender to Thatcherite priorities, the latest example of which is Rachel Reeves announcing on Friday’s Any Questions that Labour will help George Osborne smash our pensions to pieces. Rachel Reeves is a hopeless Blairite. As such, she knows she is justifying rich Tory employers cutting wages while Tory minsters cut our desperately needed benefits.

Rachel Reeves knows full well that employees and the disabled and will be threatened unless we dip into our hard-fought for pensions. Pensions, as far as Rachel Reeves is concerned, is now nothing more than mere savings to be frittered away long before we retire, on ‘luxuries’ like eating food, paying the rent, heating our homes as wages and benefits are cut and cut and cut? The capitalist nightmare of libertarians like George Osborne and Rachel Reeves will have eighty percent living hand to mouth on charity and tips until we are too tired and senile to work at all, when we will be free to die in the gutter or if we’re lucky shot in the head to put us out of our misery.

Johann Lamont says we are Better Together with David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage. We so are not.

All Johann Lamont can promise Scots is a lottery where our votes at a United Kingdom general election are basically worthless. But it is even worse than that. Most of our English brothers and sisters voters are equally worthless.

First-past-the-post is an anti-democratic monstrosity. It has been specifically designed to reduce most voters to passive observers. Most voters live in safe seats. Psephologists never tire of reminding voters that they may as well not bother leaving their warm homes on polling day to protest at their MP as it is in the bag.

What about the so-called marginal seats? BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News, ITV and Channel Five reduce all of those seats to a race between two or possibly three anti-socialist lying idiots. Real alternatives, such as TUSC, are smeared by the overpaid Tory glove puppets at the BBC etc. To the extent socialists are not smeared, they are ignored, tippexed out of the picture. So, as a consequence of such Tory censorship, most of the time they get next to no votes. Not enough to make any difference to the parliamentary arithmetic. At least that has been the picture up to now.

Will Ed Miliband’s inability to think on his feet stop him becoming the next Prime Minister? My guess is this is one of the key contributory factors that explains why Labour will crash at the polls. Nevertheless, this is just one among many factors likely to contribute to the United Kingdom being lumbered with yet another Tory government.

But let’s look on the bright side and see how far that gets us if we reject Scottish independence. What if Ed Miliband does indeed get elected. What if he even forms a majority government? If that happens, he will still do nothing to make our lives tolerable. If Ed Miliband is lucky, he will end up like France’s Hollande, with polls crashing instantly, disappointing voters and paving the way for our equivalent of the Front National: Nigel Farage’s xenophobic, Thatcherite UKIP.

Time for the people of  Scotland to wake up from this hideous nightmare. The time has come to vote for Scottish independence. But that will be just the start. It will then be time for us to use our freedom to come to the aid of our English brothers and sisters and invite them to join us on the other side of United Kingdom barbarism.

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