Jim Sillars floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee.


Did you see Newsnight Scotland’s hour-long debate last night? Jim Sillars did excellently, didn’t he?

Jim endured endless goading by George Galloway, and took it in his stride. George had clearly pinned his hopes on enlisting a longstanding critic of Alex Salmond to join him in fomenting discontent within the Yes Campaign. But Jim Sillars proved himself better than that.

Everybody knows that the question on the ballot paper presents the Scottish people with a single sharp dividing line, and the question to be asked is, “Which side are you on?” George Galloway employed smoke and mirrors to obfuscate the starkness of this choice, but he failed miserably.

Once Scotland has voted to wrest all sovereignty to ourselves, then and only then can the thousand flowers of Scotland bloom. Only on the other side of the independence referendum can five million Scots enter the stage of history.

Once we have tunneled our way out of the anti-democratic United Kingdom’s dungeon, all Scots can decide what exactly it is we want. Jim Sillars, just like everyone living in Scotland with a vote, will have secured our freedom to elect politicians to negotiate bilateral treaty arrangements with the European Union, with NATO (assuming we want any such relationship), with the rest of the UK on, for instance, a shared currency, or whether we like the idea of an unelected Head of State.

If any First Minister, or any set of politicians betray their mandate, then it is up to Scots to kick them out at the ballot box, to then bring in a different set of politicians, ones capable of doing what they were elected to do.

The electoral arithmetic in Scotland, coupled with our genuinely democratic proportional representation system, is key to why I will be voting yes in our independence referendum in six months time. And this fact has to be promoted to the very top of the agenda of the Yes Campaign. It is what will swing the core of Labour’s vote behind us, allowing us to cross the finish line with our gold medal.

Scotland’s political landscape means that while Alex Salmond may desire to cut corporation tax, George Galloway’s bogeyman will not be haunting the people of Scotland. It is Jim Sillars ideas of radical wealth redistribution that will win at the ballot box. George Galloway knows that every bit as much as Johann Lamont knows it. Furthermore, this is why Ed Miliband has formed his unholy alliance, his anti-democratic cartel with David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage.

Better Together exists not simply because the British Establishment are terrified of losing North Sea Oil. The British Establishment know the rest of the UK’s economy is fueled by unsustainable debt and a property bubble that will burst eventually, and in a spectacular and extremely damaging explosion. It is an accident waiting to happen, and BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News editors know this, but are deliberately withholding the facts from the voters as they are tools of the rich and powerful.

Better Together politicians, including Ed Miliband’s entire front bench, are terrified that a democratic Scotland will inevitably opt for wealth redistribution. They know that we will, inevitably, spark a fire across the border. The exploited and oppressed of England are going to start demanding that something is done about inequality that lets five obscenely rich parasites own more than the poorest twenty percent of society. This disturbing statistic is the legacy bequeathed to us by the heirs of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Ed Miliband’s entire front bench pretends they knew nothing about how bad inequality had gotten during their years in office. Nice try, Ed, but the Scottish people aren’t buying. Neither are the English. The latter just need a prod to wake up to the reality that there are things they can do about this obscene inequality.

I confidently predict that Scotland is destined to inspire our English and Welsh brothers and sisters to follow our example of wealth redistribution. And, as Scotland’s first First Minister Donald Dewer once said, “I like that.”

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4 Responses to Jim Sillars floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee.

  1. archie Macg says:

    A fine commentary, cheers


  2. TomDelargy says:

    Thanks Archie. πŸ™‚


  3. Jim Webster says:

    Thanks for this, I do believe we will win but I don’t hold much hope of bringing Labour supporters to their senses because they still believe they are the party of the people.


  4. a good synopsis of the debate last night. Was i the only person getting tired of the ‘stilts’ rubbish Galloway continued to cast over Sillars?


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