Labour burns the Red Flag, lying there:

Tony Benn and Bob Crow. Socialist heroes never die

Tony Benn and Bob Crow. Socialist heroes never die

Tony Benn’s funeral ended with a rendition of the Red Flag? That is interesting. Was this socialist hymn sung defiantly by the very same Labour Party Members of Parliament who set the scarlet standard on fire twenty four hours ago?

Does Ed Miliband not realize how obscene it is for him to enter to the House of Commons to cut the desperately needed benefits of the poor? Labour’s disgusting Blairites stick the knife into the backs of the poor while fomenting more wars abroad.

Ed Miliband’s Blairites are paving the way for more wars via their game of chicken with Russia. They insult the people of Crimea for daring to escape from violent anti-Semitic cheerleaders for Adolf Hitler, for NATO warmongers and NSA stooges? Ed Miliband’s troops do this while turning a blind eye to all the crimes of Ukraine’s billionaire oligarchs who threaten to nuke Russia, threatening violent terrorism and economic sabotage of oil pipelines. Ed Miliband is too deranged to challenge alliances that we know with 100% certainty have an insane logic all their own, one that goes by the most appropriate acronym ever: Mutually Assured Destruction.

Tony Benn does not deserve to be surrounded in death any more than in life by Ed Miliband’s anti-socialist vultures. His memory will live on in the hearts of socialists forevermore. He and Bob Crow will continue to inspire socialists to fight for a better world, a world that is light years away from the nightmare that is Ed Miliband’s capitalist wetdream. 

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