Owen Jones and Diane Abbott are ashamed by Ed Miliband?

The Grin Leader's Smile of Death

The Grin Leader’s Smile of Death

If Ed Miliband can find enough money in Tory Britain to have not even noticed that five Tory billionaires own more than the poorest twenty percent (a nation that grew progressively unequal all during the years of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown), if he doesn’t see any need to address such obscene inequality by progressive taxation, if his party can find money for illegal wars in Iraq, for weapons of mass destruction that threaten to murder tens if not hundreds of millions of children…

If Ed Miliband can find money do do all this reactionary bullshit, then why can’t he find money for the poorest victims of capitalism’s crisis to stop them committing suicide, or ending up homeless, or in jail for stealing food, or selling their bodies simply to pay the rent, or for the drugs they need to escape from the nastiness of Tory Britain?

Ed Miliband’s Front bench are out of control. The only means Labour’s core voters – trade unionists – have of waking them up to the real world is by hitting them where it hurts: the ballot box. That and by withdrawing every single penny of trade unionists money from a party devoted to attacking workers who withdraw their labour in the belief they are no just slaves. Miliband’s MPs want trade union cash, then earn it, you useless Tory bastards! Stand up for trade unionists or take your begging bowl to the CBI and IOD conference.

Surrender to Ed Miliband, and what incentive does he have to stop parroting Thatcherite drivel? None. And his behavior simply contributes to the political climate within which even more reactionary forces with thrive: Nigel Farage’s UKIP, the EDL, BNP.

If socialists want Labour MPs to grow a spine, a brain and a heart, then the real left need to unite against the Blairites who have taken hold of the apparatus of the Labour Party. Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and others need to join with Matt Wrack, Mark Serwotka, Carolyn Lucas, Dave Nellist, Ken Loach.


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