Maria Miller, David Cameron, Bernard Hogan Howe, Rupert Murdoch

Maria Miller, David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch, Bernard Hogan-Howe

Maria Miller, David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch, Bernard Hogan-Howe

Maria Miller should be prosecuted for corruption. David Cameron knows that, but expects the media to protect him and all his corrupt politicians. Alas, they’re not all playing ball. Good for them.

Thankfully, there are some Members of Parliament who also accept that Maria Miller has engaged in fraud, and this is a criminal matter that has to be investigated by the police. And the fact that David Cameron has been working overtime to protect this criminal, with his “nothing to see here,” line exposes the Prime Minister himself to scrutiny by the forces of law and order.

The fact that David Cameron’s Director of Communication, Craig Oliver, appeared to threaten investigative journalists unless they dropped their expose of Maria Miller is quite chilling. The fact that David Cameron’s Director of Communications seems to have no problem to have the story become about him, implying he will sue journalists for their allegations about him, the fact he doesn’t think his reference to the role of Maria Miller as in charge of press regulation can only be interpreted as an implicit threat…. Put all of these things together and it is not just Maria Miller who is in the frame.

David Cameron told us years ago to stop hounding his Director of Communications, Andy Coulson, because he had done the right thing. Due to sub judice limitations (which I fully accept as vital for natural justice), there is a lot I could say but won’t due to the court cases going on in Scotland as well as England. Nevertheless, David Cameron has been caught out lying, or at the very least, ‘misremembering’.

David Cameron brought Craig Oliver to Downing Street on the recommendation of his predecessor, Andy Coulson, a man who was subsequently charged with perjury, a crime he allegedly committed while working at Downing street under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister. David Cameron’s refusal to do anything about what Craig Oliver has done, his unwillingness to do anything about the behavior of Maria Miller proves he has learnt absolutely nothing from the Andy Coulson debacle. So, should Maria Miller be charged with a criminal offense? Absolutely. However,…

There is one very serious problem: the Metropolitan Police have just announced a new batch of evidence of police corruption disappearing, gifting all these corrupt cops with their very own get-out-of-jail-free cards. So, who polices the police?

Craig Oliver threatens journalists if they dare to expose Maria Miller, reminding them she is in charge of press regulations. Rupert Murdoch’s cop bribing evidence-shredding editors have a horse in this race. A more appropriate analogy is clearly the kind of Mexican standoff we witnessed in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

Corrupt cops (including undercover cops like Bob Lambert), corrupt politicians, and corrupt media tycoons all engaging in criminal activity. Every last one of them is blaming each other. All of them are threatening each other if any of them gets sent to jail or if much of their ill-gotten gains are confiscated as it is the rewards of criminal activity.

This is both a crisis and an opportunity for all three pillars of Britain’s corrupt Tory establishment. What we are witnessing is what Homer Simpson referred to as a crisitunity. And it creates favorable opportunities for the real left to lift the lid off the rotten can of worms that is the dark heart of the British establishment. This is an opportunity we cannot afford to squander.


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