Maria Miller: the heart of darkness of Britain’s Tory establishment:


David Cameron demanded exemplary sentences for those who participated in Britain’s riots.

Do you remember these riots? The ones that were sparked by cops murdering a black man, then lying about it, then getting the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission to lie on the behalf of Mark Duggan’s killers.

Mark Duggan’s killing was not the sole cause of these riots, obviously. This gothic horror story was like the proverbial butterfly that set in motion a hurricane on the opposite side of the world. We are living in chaotic times. The world is out of joint.  Sparks of indignation have a tendency to get out of control.

Sparks can ignite pent-up alienation created by decades of Britain’s Tory establishment. When and where this happens exactly is not predictable, but the explosions of anger in this pressure cooker society is utterly inevitable. The causes of this alienation includes – but is not limited to – corrupt, brutal, lying cops who work for an institutionally racist organization.

The exemplary prison sentences demanded by David Cameron lead to sixteen year old kids getting six months in jail for stealing a bottle of water. A bottle of water, for Christ’s sake.

Am I the only one who finds it more than a little hypocritical that the very same David Cameron is demanding something less for his friends who steal the equivalent of tens of thousands of bottles of water?

What David Cameron is doing vis-a-vis Maria Miller is hypocritical. But it is entirely predictable. For he is, after all, the Godfather of a government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires.

In a society where five Tory families own more than the poorest twenty percent, Britain’s Prime Minister wraps his arms around Maria Miller who did the following:

  1. over-claimed on her expenses to the tune of £45,000.
  2. was allowed to hold on to forty thousand pounds of her ill-gotten gains.
  3. frustrated the inquiry into her corrupt practices.
  4. got help from David Cameron’s Director of Communications (Craig Oliver), as well as her own equivalent, threatening investigative journalists for daring to expose her criminality.

David Cameron is the Prime Minister of a government that is out of control. David Cameron’s government is a criminal organization.

Fuck these Tory bastards and their Liberal Democratic butlers. Fuck them all.

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