David Cameron’s government is imploding? Aww. Bless.


Did Maria Miller jump or was she pushed? What do you think? She was pushed, obviously. When will the truth come out? Too soon to say. Elements of the truth are already leaking.

Michael Gove pretty much gave part of the game away. He definitely was part of those who pushed for her to go. Rumors are now that George Osborne headed the movement to get rid of her, apparently against David Cameron’s wishes. That’s interesting.

If a split has emerged between the Cameron and Osborne on such a key matter as the durability of Maria Miller, it can only be a matter of time before rival camps emerge, crystallizing into personalized factions. Implosion immanent?

How could George Osborne have been so careless as to let rumours get out about a division between him and David Cameron on what to do about Maria Miller? That is playing for very high stakes indeed. It is obvious that from the point of view of Tories, Osborne was representing the sane strategy. Maria Miller was dragging the Tories down in the middle of an election campaign that they were destined to lose to UKIP anyway.

Craig Oliver’s defense of Maria Miller after the Telegraph’s ex-editor accused her people and the Prime Minister’s director of communications himself of menace… The Tory press were not about to back down, and in this game of chicken, it was David Cameron who had no option but to surrender. But that begs another question: why on Earth did David Cameron go to the wall to defend Maria Miller? That does need an explanation.

Betty Boothroyd and Kay Burley made Maria Miller and her parliamentary aid – Mary McLeod – appear utterly ridiculous less than 24 hours before her ‘resignation’. But David Cameron wanted to bury his head in the sand. How come?

I could answer that question by making a reference to Craig Oliver’s predecessor as David Cameron’s director of communications. However, that man is innocent until proven guilty. In the eyes of the law. Technically speaking. And similar ‘allegedly’ waffle. So I’ll just flag up the possibility that George Osborne, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and others might be scared that this Prime Minister is coming to end of his natural life as a free man.

Enjoy your stay at her majesty’s pleasure, you corrupt son of a bitch.


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