There is a specter haunting Yvette Cooper; the specter of Iain Banks:

Which side are you on, Yvette Cooper? Which side are you on?

Which side are you on, Yvette Cooper? Which side are you on?

Yvette Cooper scrambles ever rightwards to appease Nigel Farage and the Thatcherite clowns who infest BBC’s television news, politics and current affairs output with barely a single exception these days. How desperate can you get?

If Ed Miliband’s front bench had a brain cell to rub between the lot of them, they’d realize there are no votes in it for them to engage in this obscene orgy of xenophobia. All Yvette Cooper secures is the upping of the ante. The personal ratings of all Labour politicians will suffer as a consequence of dignifying this nasty politics.

Having bowed down before the reactionaries who salivate as they attack foreigners, they merely reward Miliband and co by demanding more and more. And more and more and more.

These xenophobes quench their thirst with salt water. With the eating comes the appetite. Yvette Cooper will never win a game of chicken with these people. She merely betrays the most oppressed victims of the society that gave us five families owning more than the poorest 20% of society, and the bankers who gave us global economic catastrophe.

When Tory broadcasters and UKIP groupies attack Yvette Cooper for being hypocritical, for being sufficiently authoritarian towards the poorest men, women and children on the planet who are good enough to bomb to smithereens in the hundreds of thousands, but are not good enough to escape the squatter camps and economic nightmares that NATO has built for them, in search of jobs… Remind them all of this poster by Scottish literary giant and beloved humanitarian, Iain Banks.

Never tire of reminding our English brothers and sisters of what Iain Banks said about the causes of the misery of the majority of the voters, those who can’t be arsed voting for any of these corrupt politicians.

Remind Penny Laurie, Eddie Izzard and Helena Kennedy – as well as the majority of Left Unity’s annual conference – how this nasty xenophobia is now deeply embedded in all the parties of Better Together, bar none.

Remind English socialists that this xenophobia is poisoning democracy on an all-Britain level, and if the only option open for the Scottish people, at least in the short to medium term, is the setting up of an independent Scottish state, then so be it.


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