Confederation of British Indoctrination is a dictatorship:

Digby Jones, a massive unelected prat

Digby Jones, a massive unelected prat

Digby Jones has not been Director General of the CBI for many years. But if we need a face of this anti-democratic organization, this sneering bastard will do fine.

The BBC has reported the fact that Scottish Television have pulled out of the CBI as a direct consequence of their coming out publicly as fighting against Scottish independence. In what sense does this constitute news? As STV made clear, they were given no alternative but to resign given that they have a duty to impartiality when it comes to Scotland’s referendum, as they spelt out on their website:

  • “A spokeswoman for STV said: “STV is a public service broadcaster with a duty of impartiality and as such we have no corporate or editorial position on the independence referendum in September.
  • “In light of CBI Scotland’s decision to register with the Electoral Commission we have no choice but to resign our membership of CBI Scotland forthwith.”

But STV quitting the CBI begs a question: what about the rest of the employers in Scotland, or the rest of the United Kingdom? Who exactly voted to commit the CBI to their campaigning against the Scottish people’s right to settle this issue without outside interference?

From where does the CBI derive their income? From the profits of their members? And where do these profits come from? From surplus value extracted from the employees. That, after all, was implicit in Clause Four Part Four, printed on the membership cards of every member of the Labour Party from 1918 until long after Tony Blair joined, and even while he conned the Labour Party membership to elect him as their leader!

The idea that profits derive from the exploitation of those who own nothing but their ability to work, to work for those fortunate enough to own the factories, the offices, the mines, the railways, etc… That idea was defended by Ed Miliband’s father. And Ralph Miliband was right to defend that idea.

Where are the votes of the employees whose labour provides the profits that are being sucked into the coffers of the CBI? And where is the mandate of the CBI for their interfering with the democratic decision making process of the Scottish people? Nowhere to be seen.

Even if we were to reject the notion of surplus value as defended by Ed Miliband’s father and, presumably, by Tony Blair when he joined the Labour Party – which we should not -, what about the capitalists who reject the CBI’s propaganda? Why are they all disenfranchised? Why must they resign from the CBI?

Why can’t Scottish businesses be given votes to determine if they agree with the CBI’s dictatorship or not? I believe I can answer that one.

The CBI’s anonymous men in suits will not submit themselves to shareholder democracy. They won’t do that because democracy is a hassle for these people.

The CBI’s leaders would also have to face up to the unpleasant reality that the Scottish people would see what is really going on here. Although Scotland’s referendum is based in theory on universal franchise, it is being distorted by big money. Votes are being bought and sold on the stock market. The bigger your bank account, the more votes ‘share holder democracy’ gives you.

We live in a capitalist dystopia. We inhabit a nightmare where five ultra-rich Tory families own more than the poorest 20% of society. This obscene inequality is not unconnected to Britain’s poor being driven to homelessness, to drug addiction because reality is too unpleasant to face, and to prostitution and other forms of petty crime merely to put food on the table of themselves and their children. All of this is swelling the food banks that Tory MPs are so proud of. Vomit-inducing stuff.

This is a capitalist dystopia that, alas, Ed Miliband’s front bench presided over when these people swelled the ranks of the government benches of that corrupt war criminal, Tony Blair.

Time for the Scottish people to stand up to the worst excesses of these anti-democratic bastards. It is time for the Scottish voters to liberate ourselves from the anti-democratic nonsense of the CBI and their Blairite partners in crime.


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