Why do Chris Patten’s Tory broadcasters peddle NATO lies?

Chris Patten

Chris Patten

When I accuse Chris Patten’s BBC of deliberate falsification on behalf of NATO criminals, I am not pointing the finger at them alone. Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News and the anonymous Thatcherite suits at Channel Four News are not one iota better.

The question we need to ask is why the British broadcasters, with virtually no exceptions, are nothing more than vacuous echo chambers for NATO liars, and must we abandon all hope that things may improve?

To answer the second question first, no, there is little prospect of matters improving. At any rate, nothing will change if voters sit back and wait for things to get better of their own accord. One thing we can certainly agree on is that Britain’s Tory establishment have nothing to fear from Ed Miliband’s front bench.

If socialists are looking for NATO’s inflationary bubble of lies to be burst from that quarter, we’ll be waiting in vain for the rest of our lives. Ed Miliband and Douglas Alexander hiring David Axelrod (a greedy aid of President Obama) for a six figure salary because he couldn’t find a single member of his own Labour party, nor anyone in the whole of Britain with the talents necessary to sell Mr Ed as a serious Prime Minister to the voters…

Labour’s brains, heart, spine and soul have all gone AWOL when it comes to posing any alternative to the Tories in the arena of foreign policy and defense or anything else.

Britain’s broadcast media are not about to stop lying about the reactionary role of NATO in Ukraine anytime soon. They know they can lie and lie and lie and their bluff will never be called. The question we need to ask is why broadcasters at the BBC, SKY and Channel Four News have degenerated into such a monolithic reactionary sack of NATO manure. I have a theory or two as to what might be going on here.

President Obama deployed the criminals of the NSA to record the phone calls, and to intercept the emails of everyone with any power or potential power anywhere on planet Earth, subcontracting some of this criminality out to GCHQ and similar type organizations. Why exactly would Obama sanctions such criminality?

Criminals who specialize in this sort of thing tell their victims that if we have nothing to hide, then we have nothing to fear. Alas, the truth is that states who commit these crimes are not one iota better than Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch is notorious for paying his editors to resort to criminal means of obtaining so-called dirt. His dossiers compiled by dodgy private investigators list the likes of consensual sex between adults. Why are his editors who have now sworn on oath as to how they committed infidelity with each other while destroying the lives of others for doing the same thing, making loads of money in profit peddling this garbage to idiots with nothing better to do with their time….

What Murdoch intended to do with this ‘dirt’ was blackmail. It is all about intimidation. You dance to my tune, or I will destroy you. I will destroy your children, your wife, your parents.

Rupert Murdoch paid off corrupt cops. He paid lawyers to make problems go away. Corrupt cops get away with murder (possibly quite literally) because sackfuls of evidence of cop corruption is repeatedly destroyed by other cops at the Metropolitan Police.

Hard disks get sledgehammered to stop Murdoch’s role in these crimes landing him and his idiot son James in jail where they both belong.

Diplomats, top civil servants, foreign ministers, Prime Ministers see to it that ambassadors find themselves voting at the United Nations to peddle NATO lies. Why? Because if they don’t do that, Obama’s NSA will see to it that marriages break up, children will be affected. Those who were coerced, ever so gently, to snort a line or two of cocaine are caught on secret film breaking the law, and the young women and/or young men they had illicit sex with are proven to be prostitutes, and possibly underage at that, with videos conveniently there to prove that all this happened.

To cut a long story short, Obama’s NSA will see to it that unless politicians and broadcasters peddle sacks of shit they know to be sacks of shit, the politicians and broadcasters, the lawyers and judges, top civil servants and senior police officers will all fall victim to blackmail, and possibly end up in jail.

And all the NSA and CIA whistle-blowers won’t be able to expose what is going on as they’ve conveniently been tossed in jail without access to lawyers, held in solitary confinement for years, decades even, driven mentally ill, or are smeared for having no option but to take sanctuary in Putin’s Russia.

Sound familiar?

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