The BBC must immediately resign from the CBI:

Chris Patten holds his hands up to accept he's in the pocket of the CBI

Chris Patten holds his hands up to accept he’s in the pocket of the CBI

I have only just discovered that the BBC is a member of the CBI. I find it astonishing that a so-called public service broadcaster is allowed to report on industrial relations while a member of the main organization of the employers. But I am disgusted that a few days ago their broadcasters reported STV’s immediate resignation from the CBI (on account of continued membership would compromise their alleged impartiality on Scotland’s independence referendum) without mentioning that they too were members of the CBI who faced the exact same problem. The BBC has to resign to prove that they are more than a Better Together megaphone. The longer they take to reach this decision the more tattered their credentials are as a public sector broadcaster.

Here is what Scottish Television said when they resigned pretty much immediately after the CBI declared its support for Better Together:

  • A spokeswoman for STV said: “STV is a public service broadcaster with a duty of impartiality and as such we have no corporate or editorial position on the independence referendum in September.
  • “In light of CBI Scotland’s decision to register with the Electoral Commission we have no choice but to resign our membership of CBI Scotland forthwith.”
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