The Scottish CBI has disintegrated over the independence referendum:

John Cridland, the Slanty Man

John Cridland, the Slanty Man

It is not good enough for CBI director-general, John Cridland, to dismiss his omni-shambles as much ado about nothing. He didn’t really mean it? All Scottish members who have been queuing up to hightail it out of this ultra-small organization should crawl back into the fold as though nothing had happened? I don’t think so.

John Cridland is effectively saying a big boy did it and ran away. That cuts no ice with the Scottish people. This clown has exposed his bias. No amount of withdrawing what he said changes anything. He previously claimed his decision had the support of his members. Now he denies he even consulted them? He is only trying to turn back time because lawyers have explained that he didn’t actually act lawfully? Interesting. Very interesting.

John Cridland’s credibility is akin to that of a perjurer who insists that just because his previous sworn testimony has been exposed under cross-examination as a bag of shite, that doesn’t necessarily prove that his new testimony isn’t absolutely guaranteed to be more bullshit. Yeah, right.

The license fee is collected from you and me, from the people of Scotland and the rest of the British viewing public. We pay the salaries of staff at BBC Scotland.

Once burnt, twice shy. The single issue of the referendum in and of itself necessarily means this relationship is now and always will be toxic. No so-called ‘suspension’ of this relationship between the BBC and the CBI can possibly work. What the voters need is no mere suspension. What has to happen is an immediate resignation. But it is necessary to generalize beyond the single issue of Scotland’s independence referendum.

The idea that in any United Kingdom general election the BBC can be neutral so long it remains a member of the organization of the employers cannot withstand one moment’s scrutiny.

Has Chris Patten never heard that the Labour Party was set up to defend the democratic rights of the organized working class? Ed Miliband may now be embarrassed by this relationship, but it should be the trade unions who are embarrassed by association with him and the rest of his front bench.

But the employees do need fairness when it comes to elections. It goes without saying that this is not possible so long as the BBC is a member of an organization of that small percentage of lucky bastards who own the means of production, distribution and exchange.

The CBI draws no distinction between self-made millionaires who may have put in loads of over time, on the one hand, from those who were merely born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Wealth cascading down the generation flows in no small part as a consequence of its opposite doing likewise. Poverty and inequality are the essence of inherited wealth. And this is what is celebrated by the Confederation of British Industry, is defended by that same organization.

The very idea that the BBC can be deemed a legitimate public service broadcaster while a member of a club that distorts all our political rights via inherited wealth… What planet are these people living on?

No wonder Newsnight, Daily Politics, Sunday Politics, This Week, Question Time, the entire News Channel does nothing but peddle anti-trade union propaganda day in day out, 24-7.

No wonder these so-called broadcasters abuse our license fee to smear every trade union activist, opposing every single piece of industrial action, turning a blind eye to the illegal blacklists that pollute the board rooms.

No wonder the BBC presenters count every single abstention as a vote against a strike, and every abstention as a vote against whichever left-winger happens to get him or herself elected union general secretary, president, national council member.

The BBC cannot be allowed to remain a member of the CBI regardless of whether or not the they are de-registered – at least officially – as a supporter of the Better Together Campaign.

Regardless of their official status, those running the CBI have pinned their colors to the mast. Saying they didn’t really mean it just adds insult to injury.

Who wants to join me in continuing to pile pressure on ex-Tory Party Chairman Chris Patten? Want to damage his wretched cheerleaders for the Better Together campaign? Then why not sign this petition to make it impossible for them to crawl back into bed with this anti-Scottish and anti-trade union employers’ organization?

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